Bullying: Recognizing the signs

Recognize the signs and bullying and teach your kids how to respond. Kids often keep things to themselves, and they might be afraid to tell you they are being picked on. Here are a few signs to look for: Unexplained cuts and wounds, or tore apparel. Changes in state of mind, uneasiness, sorrow, hardly any companions. … Read more

Childproofing and button batteries

You think you have childproofed your home and are ready to bring baby home right.  Well it’s not that easy.  There really is no such thing as childproof it’s all about setting up barriers and delay tactics that will allow an adult to intervene. Today I needed to discuss a little known hazard to kids … Read more

School safety at every age

As a new school year begins, parents and children should take steps to help ensure safe and enjoyable school days. Safe Kids Greater Augusta, supported by the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, offers these age-appropriate safety tips for parents to discuss with their children.

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