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Childproofing and button batteries

You think you have childproofed your home and are ready to bring baby home right.  Well it’s not that easy.  There really is no such thing as childproof it’s all about setting up barriers and delay tactics that will allow an adult to intervene.

Today I needed to discuss a little known hazard to kids that only a couple of years back didn’t exist. We live in a universe of innovation and the gadgets we utilize each day are getting littler and littler. Many are controlled by button batteries – these are the batteries that are the size of a nickel or significantly littler. They are found in melodic welcome cards, TV remotes, key Fobs, restroom scales, flameless candles and numerous different things. They are sparkly and kids are pulled in to them.

Youngsters find out about their condition by putting things in their mouths – this is an ordinary formative stage for kids. Nonetheless, these batteries when held up in the throat or trachea (nourishment funnel or wind pipe) radiate an electrical flow through the tissue causing a Hydrolysis responses which dissolves the tissue in as meager as 2 hours. We exhibited the harm that can happen utilizing a catch battery and a sausage (see photograph underneath). You can go to www.thebatterycontrolled.org and meet Emit a little child who subsequent to gulping a catch battery required 10 medical procedures, 100 x-beams, 9 weeks in the ICU and had 2 crawls of his throat evacuated.

Button Batteries

So while doing the every day youngster sealing obstructions recollect with regards to things in your home with batteries that don’t have a screw on secure board over the battery compartment to:

  • Keep it distant.
  • Get help quick.
  • Enlighten others concerning this little known hazard.

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