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School safety at every age

As a new school year begins, parents and children should take steps to help ensure safe and enjoyable school days. Safe Kids Greater Augusta, supported by the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, offers these age-appropriate safety tips for parents to discuss with their children.

Tips for Grade-schoolers

  • Utilize appropriate transport decorum, including remaining situated until the bus stations and continually strolling before, never behind, the transport. Have your kid work on looking the two different ways before going across the road
  • Guarantee your nearby or school play area avoids potential risk to forestall and additionally limit falls, including wellbeing mats or cushioned surfaces.

Tips for Teens

  • To forestall sports wounds, urge your adolescent to utilize the privilege defensive apparatus for their game, to heat up before playing, to rest when tired and to drink a lot of water to stay away from lack of hydration.
  • Purchase a quality rucksack with cushioning and wide shoulder ties. A full rucksack shouldn’t gauge more than 10 to 15 percent of your youngster’s body weight. Your youngster ought to likewise convey the knapsack over the two shoulders to equitably circulate the weight.

Tips for College Students

  • Undergrads ought to know about their environment and play it safe, for example, going with a gathering and abstaining from trading off circumstances to guarantee their own wellbeing.
  • Understudies should guard their possessions by locking apartments and windows and never leaving rucksacks, totes, workstations, phones, and so on unattended.
  • Try not to be a “pedtextrian.” Texting, tuning in to music and different interruptions prompts diverted walker conduct, and school age understudies are at most noteworthy hazard.

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