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Countdown to drive

Few teens and preteens ever think about the rules of the road or how to drive safely until they’re just about to start driving. For something as important as driving, it’s best to give your kids a head start.

Here are a couple of approaches to give teenagers and preteens the devices and bolster they have to settle on mindful options before they are prepared to drive or ride with other youthful, new drivers.

Hard Facts

Engine vehicle crashes are the main source of death for U.S. adolescents. Mile for mile, young people are multiple times bound to be engaged with an accident contrasted and different drivers. Contrasted and other age gatherings, adolescents have the most reduced pace of safety belt use. Just 54 percent of secondary school understudies revealed continually wearing a safety belt when riding with another person.

Top Tips

  • Children are continually viewing, in any event, when you believe they’re definitely not. So be a genuine model. Attempt to wipe out interruptions by not utilizing a mobile phone or messaging while at the same time driving. Utilize your youngster or preteen to understand maps and help with discovering areas.
  • Show your children to ride with experienced drivers and never get in the vehicle with somebody who has been drinking or taking medications. Guardians must choose what “experienced” signifies.
  • Make it a standard that kids more youthful than 13 ride like a VIP – in the back. This is the most secure spot for preteens and more youthful kids to sit.
  • While carpooling, ensure you have enough seating positions and promoter seats for each youngster in your vehicle and that children enter and leave curbside.

Safe Kids World Wide offers the Countdown2drive program, which empowers guardians to assemble a uniquely custom fitted traveler understanding and rules for pre-teenagers and youngsters.

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