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5 tips to take the bite out of fright night

5 tips to take the bite out of fright night. With candy being the main draw for trick-or-treaters, it may seem impossible for parents to put a healthy spin on the Halloween holiday. However, Pediatric Dietitian Sarah Tankersley, with Children’s Hospital of Georgia, offers five healthy alternatives that can help you take the bite out … Read more

ABCs of infant sleep safety

Babies are unable to control their own sleep environments. They can’t move out of a harmful situation, nor do they understand danger. They rely on others to protect them. That is the reason Safe Kids Greater Augusta prescribes that guardians and parental figures follow the ABCS of newborn child rest wellbeing to forestall wounds and … Read more

SIDS: What you need to know

SIDS: What you need to know. About 4,000 infants die suddenly and unexpectedly each year in the United States. Approximately 1,500 of these are SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) related deaths while the rest fall under the category of sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID). The essential distinction in SIDS and SUID is the related reason for … Read more