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Poison prevention

Protecting your child from household chemicals Over 1 million children swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance each year. It is important for caregivers, parents and grandparents to know what and what not to do in the event that a child has come into contact with or ingested a household chemical. In the event that … Read more

Veggie wars

Getting children to eat their vegetables is often frustrating for parents. Vegetables are essential to good heart health, so if you and your child are struggling, hang in there. There are ways to get your children to eat vegetables without making it a chore or punishment; after all, the goal is to get your child … Read more

Winter weather and exercise

7 Exercise Tips When the Temperature Dips AUGUSTA, Ga. – Staying motivated during the wintertime to get the recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least five days a week can be difficult – especially when the cold temperatures are combined with fewer daylight hours. “Be that as it may, don’t rest,” said Bonni Messner, a … Read more

Decoding a cough

When is a Cough More Than Just a Cough? Children can develop coughs for various reasons, and sometimes a cough is just a cough. Coughing is your child’s body’s way of protecting itself from infections and foreign substances. But how do you know when a cough is more than just a cough? A Cough Caused … Read more