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Child life specialists: Helping kids cope

March is Child Life Month, and that means acknowledging, celebrating and honoring the dedicated efforts of child life specialists. Mandy Lee is a child life specialist in the General Pediatric Inpatient Unit at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. “Kid life experts bolster patients and families in such a large number of various limits,” Lee said. “I use … Read more

Getting your child into the rhythm of good sleep habits

The National Sleep Foundation celebrated Sleep Awareness Week© March 6-13. Making sure your child gets the proper amount of sleep from infancy through the teenage years is an important part of ensuring development and growth. Guardians every now and again ask to what extent their youngster ought to be resting. It is significant for your … Read more

Gearing up for springtime sports

March is brain injury awareness month, and children are gearing up to head back into their favorite springtime sports activities. This month is a great time for parents to take a look at the helmets their children are wearing and to become familiar with the symptoms of a concussion. As indicated by the Centers for … Read more

Teen texting and driving

When a teenager obtains a driver’s license, it is both an exciting and anxious time for a parent or caregiver. Although it is natural to feel excited about witnessing the teenager growing into a young adult, it can be as natural to worry about the added responsibility and independence the teenager inherits with maturity. There … Read more