Seizure safety

Epilepsy affects about 1 percent of children in the U.S., commonly recognized for recurrent seizures. For kids, and parents, seizures can be pretty frightening in themselves but they can also be the cause accidental injuries. The following tips can help you identify key areas of the home that cause the most accidental injures in kids with epilepsy.

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Thanksgiving recipes for Type-1 kids

’Tis the season for overeating, sweet indulgences and buttery cheat days. But for parents of children with type-1 diabetes, navigating the holidays can take a toll on the holiday spirit. We searched the web and found our favorite Thanksgiving recipes to create a “type-1 friendly” menu that’s perfect for the entire family. Side: Cauliflower Mashed … Read more

Epilepsy 101

A lot is going through your mind when your pediatrician says “epilepsy.” What does it mean?                                                                               … Read more