Let’s go to the pool: Water safety tips!

Now that the kids are out for summer vacation it’s time to have some fun. Whether you have a family vacation planned for the beach, Disney World, grandparents’ house, or summer camp, be mindful of your child’s whereabouts around pool waters. Renee McCabe the Injury Prevention and SafeKids Greater Augusta Coordinator states, “Drowning is the … Read more

You’ll shoot your eye out

You’ll shoot your eye out. And other reasons to protect your child’s eyes The lesson of the classic film, “A Christmas Story”? It’s not just that mom is always right. It’s that eye insurance, regardless of what age you are, is outrageously significant. An eye injury, all things considered, isn’t exactly equivalent to a physical … Read more

Teen talk: Prepping for peer pressure

OK, you’re in shock. You are the parent of a child who’s old enough to attend prom. As the school year comes to an end, prom, end-of-the-year parties, senior and other trips, and graduation are all opportunities for your child to celebrate with their friends, have fun and blow off some steam. Sounds blameless enough, isn’t that … Read more

Is your child ready to join the babysitters’ club?

Is your child ready to join the babysitters’ club? It’s more than just being responsible For many of us, babysitting was our first job. But be honest: How prepared were you, really? “That is the reason Safe Sitter was begun,” said Renee McCabe, Safe Kids organizer at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. All things considered, … Read more