Parent’s corner: Raising good men

Parent’s corner: Raising good men. The #MeToo movement has parents wondering, “are we raising good men?” Terry Morrow, atomic medication specialist at Augusta University Health, and his significant other Rebecca have five young men—Gavin (12), Solomon (11), Ethan (9), Obadian (14 months) and Levi (9 weeks)— which I’m certain simply made jaws drop. Or on … Read more

Healthy seasons: Dr. Stallworth’s advice for pollen, bug bites & poisonous plants

Healthy seasons: Dr. Stallworth’s advice for pollen, bug bites & poisonous plants. To help your child avoid common springtime allergens like pollen, bug bites and poison ivy, just remember these three words: Get. On. It. “Not every child is allergic, and if yours is not, you don’t have to worry about it,” said Dr. Mud … Read more

Why snacking really can rot your teeth

We’ve all heard it before. As parents, we’ve probably even heard the words come out of our own mouths: “Don’t eat that! You’ll rot your teeth!” And if you’re the parent of a questioning type, you might find yourself responding with the tried-and-true “Because I said so”—because do any of us really know how snacks … Read more

Stranger than fiction: Cleidocranial dysplasia and “Stranger Things”

A hereditary transformation enables a youngster to twist his body in an awesome manner, makes bizarre teeth and even changes the state of his skull. On the off chance that it seems like a plot from the mainstream show “More interesting Things,” well, it is. Like his character, Dustin Henderson, on-screen character Gaten Matarazzo has … Read more

UTIs…in kids? Yes, it can happen

Ever had a urinary tract infection? Then you know exactly what that feels like. Most of us don’t ever think about UTIs ever occurring in children, but it’s more common than you might think. About 5 out of every 100 children will experience a UTI during their growing-up years. In any case, don’t begin spilling out glasses … Read more