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The hard truth about vaping

Vapes seem to be a smoker’s dream. Yet, considering the potential side effects of prolonged use and the creation of a new generation of smokers in our youth are among its greatest risks. Instead, it can be quite a nightmare.

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How to talk about poison

“It is estimated that more than 150,000 men, women and children are poisoned each year in Georgia,” according to the Georgia Poison Center. And “Over 50% of calls [in South Carolina] involve exposures in pediatric patients below 6 years of age,” the Palmetto Poison Center stated. “Toxin is whatever can make you wiped out in the event that … Read more

The most important thing you’ll learn as a parent

You can do it. It’s a phrase that’s commonly overused, but at no time is it more true than here. “Unexperienced parents might be apprehensive about performing baby CPR on their youngster, yet guardians can do this,” said Wayne Deas, the American Heart Association Training Center Coordinator/Manager at Augusta University Medical Center. Be that as … Read more

Is your baby or toddler eating enough?

Is your baby or toddler eating enough? . Here’s when you want to see that number on the scale go up and up and up: those first few years of your child’s life. Obviously, your youngster ought to develop and be solid all during adolescence—and into adulthood as well. In any case, think about this: … Read more

Should my teen have weight loss surgery?

Should my teen have weight loss surgery?. It’s a question very few parents would have asked even two decades ago. But with one in every six school-age children—those ages 6 to 19—now classified as clinically obese, it’s a question more and more parents are considering: Does my teenager need weight loss surgery? Corpulence in kids … Read more

Dad’s corner: Raising strong women

Dad’s corner: Raising strong women. It’s often a topic of conversation—what characteristics of a woman are most important to instill in our youth. A strong woman tends to outshine. Sergio Gallardo, visual fashioner at Augusta University, and his better half Brenda have three young ladies and one kid—Tori (17), Olivia (13), Bella (11) and Tres … Read more