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How to get your kids away from the TV and get them active

When we talk about wanting our kids to be active, what we’re really talking about is this: How can I get my child away from the TV/video game/smartphone? Right? That time stuck to the screen is perhaps the greatest hindrance to kids finding a good pace outside, state specialists. Studies have discovered an immediate connection … Read more

Summer camps for our kids

Summer camps for our kids. When a child receives a diagnosis for a life altering disease, their days of fun in the sun become limited and are soon replaced with frequent hospital visits and labs. This transition can be difficult for any child to navigate, especially in the summer months when other kids are off … Read more

Bows and buttons

It’s sometimes hard to convince kids (and some adults too) that vegetables are good for them. If they need a little encouragement, try preparing veggies with a fun twist! This light pasta dish has plenty of nutrients with a kid-friendly citrus flavor. Have a go at subbing the entire wheat pasta with kaleidoscopic vegetable pasta and … Read more

Is your child addicted to video games?

You recognize the symptoms: the glazed eyes, the crouched-over position, the lack of response—even if you shout or wave a hand in front of your child’s face. Yep, your child is into—really into—that video game. The most recent information says that regarding 91 percent of children play computer games. Yet, fit to be stunned? In … Read more

Is your preteen at risk for an eating disorder?

For Sherry*, it started with wanting to get a little leaner so that she’d be a little quicker on the basketball court. She started watching her calories, but on the weekends, sometimes she’d devour an entire box of Oreos—then hate herself. So she’d work out even harder and cut back even more to make up … Read more