Nightmare? Or night terror?

Your child wakes up terrified. Her eyes are open, but she flails and gets more and more upset the longer you try to comfort her. After a few minutes, she calms down, and you’re able to put her down. And the next morning, she’s fine—and doesn’t remember anything when you ask her about it. What … Read more

Is your newborn losing weight? Don’t panic

With a newborn comes many questions and concerns. Are they sleeping too much? How often should bath time happen? Are they eating enough? A common concern among parents is newborn weight gain. Newborns are prone to lose weight in the first week of life and then begin to gain weight, and it’s important to know how much fluctuation is normal and what’s not.

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Not just sad: Children and depression

We talk about adults being depressed—and teens too. But children don’t get depressed. Right? “Actually, I’ve seen depression in children as young as 2,” said Dr. Eric Lewkowiez, a pediatric psychiatrist at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. It’s not something you’d see every day: Depression affects only about 2 percent of children and about 5 … Read more