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Your guide to helping your child make good friends

When your child is young, making good friends can be easy. “For the most part, kids gravitate to kids who are kind to them and are unlikely to be friends with the kid who’s causing them problems,” said Dr. Christopher Drescher, a child psychologist with the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. While that may seem like … Read more

Wearing Baby: Carrier safety

As soon as your new baby is born, you think you’ll never, ever want to let this sweet bundle out of your arms. Fast forward a couple of weeks: Your house is a mess, you need to go to the potty and you really need a snack and a drink of water—but your baby wails as … Read more

Divorces Are Hard Just Ask the Kids

Divorces Are Hard Just Ask the Kids. When you can’t get along with your boyfriend or girlfriend, breaking up can be easy. When you’re married, it’s a little messier, but it can still be simple to walk away and start fresh. When children are included? That is the point at which it can get truly … Read more