What you need to know about Colic

What you need to know about Colic. We all expect a baby to cry. But none of us expect our baby to cry for hours at a time—nonstop—for days and days on end. As another parent, it wears you out, breaks you, until you’re in tears yourself, pondering, “What am I fouling up?” The appropriate … Read more

Selecting safe toys

When you give a child a toy as a gift, the toy story you want to hear is how much the child enjoys playing with it — not how it ended with a trip to the ER. Careful toy selection is important for happy and healthy gift-giving. Here are 6 tips to shop with safety … Read more

Gifts that give back this holiday season

Blessings that give back this Christmas season . ‘Tis the period of giving! The special seasons consistently come speedier than we might suspect. But, a few families will spend them in the emergency clinic. Luckily, through network support (and an extraordinary companion in a red suit 🎅) we can carry grins and endowments to patients … Read more

Healthier holidays: Whole-wheat sugar cookies

Healthier holidays: Whole-wheat sugar cookies

Healthier holidays: Whole-wheat sugar cookies. This time of year calls for an array of traditional treats and newfound Pinterest recipes, and holidays with kids can mean a month of sugar highs and sweet temptations. With food being the center of almost every festive occasion, it can be easy for anyone to get carried away with … Read more

Keep an eye out for holiday hazards

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, but be careful that you don’t prick your finger. It sounds silly, but it can certainly happen. This would be a minor mishap, but there are many serious dangers that could send your child to the emergency room if you don’t keep a close eye out during the holidays.

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What are the odds of getting the flu?

Most people choose not to get the flu shot because they’re fairly young and healthy. Fair enough. Think Contagion, the fiasco film with Matt Damon that portrayed an avian influenza plague. While that is outrageous, how influenza is transmitted is actually how it was appeared in the film—by contacting and taking noticeable all around an … Read more

Bringing joy with the right toy

Bringing joy with the right toy. Without a doubt, the holiday season is in full swing. Whether you are just starting on the dreaded shopping list or wrapping up last-minute details, the task can be overwhelming! With long Santa records brimming with the most recent toys and contraptions, it’s difficult to choose the best present … Read more

SIDS & SUIDS: Know the risk timeline

What are SIDS and SUIDS? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby less than 1-year-old. It usually occurs while the baby is sleeping and is sometimes known as crib death. As the name states, SIDS happens suddenly without warning, symptoms or cause. “The specialists in newborn child mortality … Read more

Wake up to a better morning routine

Wake up to a better morning routine. Any parent can tell you— mornings are challenging. As you’re rushing around trying to gather school supplies, wrangle younger children or pack snacks, you just know there could be a meltdown any second. While a good morning routine can’t avoid a meltdown, it can make sure one doesn’t … Read more