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Parents’ guide to cystic fibrosis

Imagine having the worst chest cold of your life. Now imagine having it for the rest of your life. That is the easiest way to describe what it’s like to live with cystic fibrosis, said Dr. Katie McKie, a physician at the Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Center at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. A hereditary issue that influences … Read more

Parents’ top questions about the HPV vaccine

It comes up at your child’s 11-year checkup: “It’s time for your child to get the HPV vaccine.” Sometimes parents say, “Sure.” But more often, it’s silence. Then, “No, I don’t think my son/daughter needs that.” For Dr. Robert Pendergrast, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, that is consistently when the best requests … Read more

From outdoors to indoors & everything in between: A winter safety checklist

Colorful leaves, brisk winds, cozy nights are some of our favorite things about winter. Before we get all wrapped up, don’t forget to take a quick second to check off this winter list. Renée McCabe, Injury Prevention and Safety Coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Georgia shares her best winter safety tips. Home Safety Check your carbon monoxide locator … Read more

A prescription for play

Is your child playing enough? Yes, it’s really a serious question. We’re not talking about seeing friends at school or being in front of a TV or video game. We’re not even talking about organized sports or another after-school activity. We’re discussing play: You recall, simply hanging out and playing imagine. Or then again snatching bicycles … Read more