How Child Life Specialists help parents too

At the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, when your youngster is terrified about having medical procedure, is confronting a disease determination or needs to hurry to the crisis room, there’s somebody there who can facilitate those feelings of trepidation. Not just for your child, but for you, too. “It’s called ‘infection hypothesis,’” clarified Kym Allen, administrator … Read more

When your child doesn’t listen, think outside the box

At the point when your youngster doesn’t tune in, break new ground. At the point when you’re a pediatrician, guardians will in general approach you for guidance on heaps of things, not simply medication. Also, what Dr. April Hartman has discovered that guardians most need to think about is discipline. Or on the other hand … Read more

Fast & easy one-pot chicken fajita pasta

Quick and simple one-pot chicken fajita pasta. We get it. Here and there it’s extremely elusive something the children will eat that additionally keeps them sound. Prescribed by Children’s Hospital of Georgia pediatric dietician Sarah Tankersly, this bend on a Mexican feasting most loved will keep kids took care of and guardians upbeat! What you’ll … Read more

Keto for kids? Experts say not so much

The first thing you might do when you’re on a diet is to get rid of temptation. Usually, that means tossing chips, sugary sweets, sodas and more. But if you’re on diets such as keto, Whole 30, paleo or low-carb, a lot more shouldn’t be in your cabinets. But here’s another wrinkle: What if you … Read more