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Everything You Need to Know About Ear Wax

Say you’re brushing your teeth, and suddenly you notice the jar of Q-tips on your bathroom counter. The following minute, you’re sticking a Q-tip into your ear channel to check whether you can uncover some ear wax. Resist the urge. “That is everybody’s normal propensity,” said Dr. Lisa Leggio, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital … Read more

Decluttering for Kids

With cold and flu season in full swing, learn how a little organizing and disinfecting can keep germs out of your home. These steps can help your family feel less cramped and more comfortable while also preventing viruses and illnesses from spreading. Declutter • Create a checklist. Disposing of undesirable toys, books and garments will give kids more … Read more

A Night to Remember for a Cause to Cherish

At the fifth annual Augusta University President’s Gala, friends, neighbors and university supporters rediscovered the spirit of childhood while helping to ensure generations of special young patients at Children’s Hospital of Georgia will receive the care they need to play, learn and grow. On the night of Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019 Augusta University President Brooks A. … Read more

When Grandparents Are the Parents

When Grandparents Are the Parents. In Georgia, more than 115,000 grandparents are the primary caregivers for grandchildren who live with them. And: 36.1% don’t have parents present. 35.4% are older than 60. 57.6% are working. 23.7% are in poverty. 26.5% have a disability. 31.3% aren’t married. They’re classified “multigenerational families,” and they’ve been on a … Read more

Does My Child Need Vitamins?

Does My Child Need Vitamins?. Every grocery store or drugstore has them: rows and rows of colorful children’s vitamins. But even back in the 1950s, pediatricians were advising, “Don’t get into the ancient tonic habit all over again just because of publicity…” “I’m a significant non-nutrient individual,” said Dr. Kathryn McLeod—in any event in the … Read more