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A Night to Remember for a Cause to Cherish

At the fifth annual Augusta University President’s Gala, friends, neighbors and university supporters rediscovered the spirit of childhood while helping to ensure generations of special young patients at Children’s Hospital of Georgia will receive the care they need to play, learn and grow.

On the night of Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019 Augusta University President Brooks A. Bottom, PhD, and his significant other, First Lady Tammie Schalue, PhD, invited visitors to Augusta’s Daniel Field Airport for the President’s Gala. The dark tie occasion included supper, moving and a tombola wager, with continues profiting projects, research and office improvements at Children’s Hospital of Georgia, the area’s just committed kids’ emergency clinic. In its short history, the President’s Gala has gotten one of the most excitedly foreseen occasions on our locale’s schedule — and one of the most agreeable.

“Each occasion has been special, yet what has intrigued me the most is that they have a ton of fun,” Dr. Bottom said. “Visitors partake in getting together and seeing old companions. The function resembles a family get-together.”

Philanthropy Takes Flight

That soul of association was on full showcase at the current year’s celebration, which was held in a capricious and life-changing setting — a reestablished shed at Daniel Field Airport. The merriments started with a mixed drink gathering in a roomy tent outside the overhang. With regards to the night’s topic of commending adolescence, numerous visitors wore bright, unconventional clothing. Perceiving how participants communicated their internal identity through design was a feature of the occasion for some, including Dr. Bottom.

“Tammie and I generally anticipate communicating with visitors, however the subject of the current year’s occasion made that experience extra agreeable,” he said. “It was a treat to perceive how individuals communicated and their interpretation of the topic of adolescence with their clothing.”

After a short program about Children’s Hospital of Georgia and a video featuring its patients, the entryways of the storage moved away to uncover a space enhanced to commend kids’ uncommon association with nature. Beautiful creature pictures and youngster like themes filled the shed and gave a paramount setting to a luxurious walking supper and night of moving to music by The Company Band. Numerous visitors returned home with remarkable prizes from the tombola pool. “The affair underscored the marvel of Children’s Hospital of Georgia and the patients we serve,” Dr. Bottom said. “The occasion was a festival of why we were there, which was to help a genuinely extraordinary spot.”

The affair would not have been conceivable without crafted by the 2019 President’s Gala Committee, which comprised of the 2019 Children’s Hospital of Georgia Advisory Board and a few network individuals.

“Everybody on the board of trustees is a volunteer who cherishes Augusta University and Children’s Hospital of Georgia,” Dr. Bottom said. “We owe an enormous obligation of appreciation to the board of trustees and the celebration’s supporters.”

A Growing Tradition

The President’s Gala is a generally new occasion, yet it has contacted the lives of individuals over the Augusta University grounds and past. Dr. Bottom began the occasion in 2015 soon after he accepted the job of President. From the start, the occasion commended extraordinary things occurring across Augusta University, however it has advanced to feature explicit projects and what they intend to understudies, staff and the network. Past occasions have helped support athletic grants and the College of Science and Mathematics, among different projects and administrations. The 2018 President’s Gala raised about $250,000 for grants for understudies of the Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The current year’s recipient was no less commendable.

Families from each side of our district rely upon the complete administrations of Children’s Hospital of Georgia, and huge numbers of these families would somehow or another need to venture out long separations to get to a similar consideration. Visitors who went to the 2019 President’s Gala — and all supporters of Children’s Hospital of Georgia — can be glad that their liberality assists kids with getting fundamental preventive and treatment administrations.

“Kids’ Hospital of Georgia can’t do its strategic the help of our locale,” Dr. Bottom said. “Nobody needs their kids to become ill, yet when that occurs, it’s imperative to have the option to go to an office that offers exceptional consideration from profoundly prepared suppliers in a calming situation. Occasions, for example, the President’s Gala help make that conceivable.”

A Place for Precious Patients

Commending its 21st year in 2019, Children’s Hospital of Georgia is the district’s just committed youngsters’ medical clinic and is home to board-guaranteed, association prepared doctors in a wide assortment of pediatric claims to fame. Driving edge administrations, methods and advances are signs of the emergency clinic, which includes our region’s just broadly certify and affirmed pediatric echocardiography lab, a Pediatric Transport Team that can think about truly sick or harmed kids on the way to the medical clinic, and extracorporeal film oxygenation, which is an exceptionally particular sort of life support.

Continues from the 2019 Augusta University President’s Gala will profit Children’s Hospital of Georgia and improve its capacity to furnish each youngster with the consideration the person in question needs to flourish. That incorporates potential medications of things to come as of now being worked on.

“The examination our researchers are directing at Children’s Hospital of Georgia is a major piece of what makes the emergency clinic one of a kind,” said Brooks A. Bottom, PhD, President of Augusta University. “This is translational research led in the lab that may prompt another treatment or medication to assist us with relieving a portion of the horrendous ailments influencing our young patients.”

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