Best Stethoscope for Paramedics & EMT

Best Stethoscope for Paramedics & EMT 2020

Here is buying guide for the best stethoscope for paramedics and emt reviews 2020. Before buying best stethoscope for emt, you need to look for aspects as the acoustics, material, chest piece, earpieces, and tubing of the various stethoscopes..

This is a shortlist of the top rated stethoscope featured in this buying guide.

Please read further in this article for our thoughts and opinions on these budget stethoscopes as to how they perform on the streets.

Top Rated Best Stethoscope for Paramedics

  1. 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope
  2. Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope
  3. MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope
  4. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope
  5. ADC ADSCOPE 615 Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope
  6. ADC ADSCOPE 603 Clinician Stethoscope

#1. 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope – Best littmann Stethoscope for EMT

3M Littmann’s Classic III Stethoscope is one of the top stethoscope which every doctor recommends for Paramedics and EMT which helps the doctors to analyze the patient carefully.

This stethoscope comes with a good level of hearing ability which evalute the wide range of pediatric patients and other cardiology patients. It is not only for pediatric but also good for those who worked in EMT’s and EMS as well as it is and excellent choice for ER Nurses.

This model comes with dual tunable diaphragms which helps you to monitor both adult and kids patients and diagnose the disease.

Moreover, you can easily hear the heartbeat and check the blood pressure with very clear sound. Many healthcare specialists recommend this product to their medical student who are new in this field.

Eartips are easily fir in ears which doesn’t irritate after long use. It is easy to clean with any wash cleaner or wipe because its material is very durable and long-lasting.

By adding more, if you want to use this stethoscope a a traditional open bell, you can easily converts its pediatric side of the chest piece into single piece diaphragm with a non-chill rim.

Human skin produced different kinds of oils and salts and when you touches the stethoscope these oils put on the stethoscope but this instrument is resistant to oils and salts and you can easily clean by wipe after the use.

Its tubing comes in 18 different colors so you can easily pick your favorite color which you like the most and its 5 years warranty makes this stethoscope durable. With 18 different colors also 7 different chestpiece with good finishes giving you a wide range of color choices which match with your personality.


  • It comes with tunable diaphragms that work on both adult and pediatric patients
  • Its pediatric side easily converts to an open bell
  • New single-piece diaphragm
  • Easily detect all the normal and abnormal sounds
  • Useful in a general ward, medical offices, and other care units

#2. Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope – Best Cheap Stethoscope of EMT

Omron Sprague Rappaport stethoscope is one of the cheap stethoscope in our list which is best for the medical students who have not much budget to afford the premium quality stethoscope.

This instrument easily completes all the basic tasks which every medical student needs to be done on an urgent basis. Nurses also used this stethoscope to complete the basic tasks or it can also be used as a backup of a stethoscope in the case of any emergency.

If we check its features then we come to know that it is 22-inches long which is enough size in the market for checking the patient. You can check both adult and pediatric patients with the help of this stethoscope.

Material that is used in this instrument is Latex-free which doesn’t react to any allergy-sensitive patients. It comes with three sizes of open bells, two pairs of ear tips and two sizes of diaphragms and chrome-plated chestpiece which is used to monitor the patient.


  • Two tube design
  • 22 inches long
  • Two pairs of ear tips
  • Two sizes of Diaphragms
  • Different color choice
  • Latex-free material

#3. MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope – Best Professional Stethoscope for Paramedics

This one is also one of the good models in the paramedic’s list which comes with many positive reviews and durable qualities. Many colors come in this model so you have a multi-choice of picking the stethoscope which matches your personality or dressing.

MDF MD One Stainless Steel stethoscope has a traditional diaphragm which means it has a chestpiece on one end and an open bell on the other hand. For high frequencies, you can use a diaphragm and for low, you can use an open bell.

Moreover, the chest piece is made with stainless steel which makes this stethoscope durable. This instrument comes with 3 different pairs of ear tips that have a small, medium and large size. Eartips are a comfort seal that is easy to fit and wear in any condition.

This brand offers the lifetime warranty with free replacement of parts and it comes with 17 different colors. It also secured the twice Dual-leaf spring construction offers which twice it’s durability.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Latex-free material
  • Free parts replacement
  • 3 sizes of eartips
  • 100% stainless steel material
  • 17 different colors

How to choose the best stethoscope for paramedics & EMT in 2020?

Whatever the product are there are some basic points which everyone needs to analyze when buying any stethoscope. So here are some valuable points which you must consider in your mind when buying the best stethoscope for EMT and paramedics.


Headset is one of the most essential part in the stethoscope and it is made with metal material in which tubing is fitted. Eartips are attached with the end of these eartubes and must check how much flexibilty in the headset are because flexible headsets are easy to wear and remove.


It is the main part through which any doctor hear the internal sound of the patient. Doctor put the chestpiece on patient’s chest and hear to all normal or abnormal sounds through which doctor can analyze the patient disease.

This chest piece made with stainless steel which comes in two sides. Large side of this chest piece are used for adult patients while small side is for pediatric and thin patients.


If you want to make comfortable your ears while using the stethoscope, you must need to pick that stethoscope which can easily fit into your ears and doesn’t annoy you after wearing for a long time.


While choosing the best stethoscope, there are too many brands which offers different type of stethoscopes but many of the doctors and health specialists offer the top brand models which have a good name in the market and people used it from many years.

Price & Warranty:

First of all, you must know how much you have a price range because the medical students and medical professionals have different ranges. If you are a medical student you must have a low budget and you go for some small budget stethoscope while on the other hand if you are a specialist or doctor you must have a good budget around 100 dollars in which you can buy some premium stethoscope which runs for a long time.

As well as when you check the price must check how much warranty offer by the brand because warranty makes some mind satisfaction to the buyer when buying any product.


If you are a doctor or health specialist you must go with a light weight stethoscope because you have a duty to monitor the different types of patients and you have to wear a stethoscope for a long time and light weight stethoscope feels you comfortable for a long period use. So you must check the weight of the stethoscope which you like to buy for yourself.


A good acoustics ability is one of the main factor while buying any stethoscope because doctor wants to hear all the sounds which are changes in the patient that’s why they need a good acoustic sound level stethoscope.

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