What is the Best Stethoscope for Nurse Practitioners? 2020 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Are you a nurse practitioner or want to buy the best stethoscope for you?

We are here for you and in this blog, we recommend the top best stethoscope for nurse practitioners in 2020.

As you know NP is one of the advances practice registered nurses which many of the females can do in these years and they have many additional responsibilities of caring for the patient.

They don’t need the supervision of a doctor and they can examine the patients and diagnose the illness but one main thing in this whole procedure every nurse wants a stethoscope which they can use almost full time in their duty like cardiology doctors used.

But the main question is how to purchase the best stethoscope for a nursing practitioner is one of the difficult tasks like we discussed earlier on how to select the best stethoscope for pediatrics because every stethoscope comes with different features.

Our team researched online and offline for which brands are doing great in this item and meet with some of the nurses who are doing a great job under their field and check their stethoscopes for recommends our users.

So, at last, we got a list of best NICU stethoscope for nursing in which firstly we recommend the top model and after that write others which are doing best in the nursing practitioners.

Just read reviews of the products on this page and select which one gives you a good time with your job like easy to adjust in your ears, not so much heavy and you can hear almost every breath of a patient during the examine a patient.

How to choose the Best Stethoscope for Nurse Practitioners in 2020?

For buying the best stethoscope for nurse practitioners you just follow these key points which are good for everyone.

Ear Piece

One of the main features of buying a stethoscope is an earpiece. When you are looking at the best stethoscope then must check its earpiece are soft or not?

It should be perfectly and easily fit in your ear canal and don’t give you any hurdle when you wear this for a long time.


Quality of its different attachments are must be good and durable because for a nurse the stethoscope is one of the major instrument from which they can diagnose the right disease.

Chest Piece/Head

You must check which one is best for you like stethoscope comes in three different types of heads which are:

  • Single Head Stethoscope
  • Dual-Head Stethoscope
  • Triple-Head Stethoscope

If you want to purchase the best one which can hear the clear and critical sound of a heart then you must go with Triple-head stethoscope but it is a bit expensive.


As you know in the nurse profession you must need to update on duty for a long time. If you have a duty in emergency rooms then you tackle different types of people in those critical situations. So when you are looking for the best stethoscope then you must check their weight and go with lightweight with your desired features.

Heavy can make some issue for you in your neck because it is essential for every nurse that stethoscopes can wear almost all the time.


Everyone has its own budget and in the medical equipment, must go with classical gadgets because if you purchase the cheap stethoscope then you are compromising with their filed or job because you can’t hear the voice clearly from heart and lungs.


The tube is also playing an important role in buying the stethoscope because the tube needed to be folded and if it is broken during folding then you waste your money.

So must go with the crack-resistant model which can be easily folded according to your needs.

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