Best Stethoscope for Veterinarians 2021 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Are you a veterinary doctor and want to buy the best stethoscope for veterinarians in 2021, but it is challenging to buy the best product according to your choice.

Any clinical professional would understand the need for auscultation as it is the basic step for a proper diagnostic and later on, a healthy treatment. For the purpose, one needs to have the right type of equipment that is able to listen the inner movements of body.

A veterinarian is supposed to be more resilient as they are made with years of training, their patients are not able to speculate or discuss their ailments with the doctor. In this kind of crucial state, there needs to be some sort of relief and guarantee in regards to performance and the instruments chosen.

Since the choice of tools makes this process a lot easier than it actually is, one needs to have serious considerations while the choice. And of course, years of practice and study, as well as practicality, will make a good veterinary, an expert.

Many brands come with their great feature but it is not an as easy task to pick the stethoscope which is best for you because as you know auscultation is a major skill for any doctor and it gains by practice.

For veterinarians, it should be the perfect stethoscope who has good Auscultation ability because in this field your patient is any pet or maybe wild animal which doesn’t tell you about their situation so you must have a good stethoscope which easily finds wherever the fault has.

Are stethoscopes used for humans and animals the same?

There might be confusion to newbies or the brands that sell these products that they think there are some extra ordinary changes or differences in the kind of stethoscopes used on humans and animals. The simple and straight forward answer is not really.

Of course one should go for a good quality material and not a very cheap one because animals are by nature more sensitive than humans. There is no specific criterion on how to create a distinction between a veterinary stethoscope and a stethoscope used on humans.

Looking quite identical in shape or size most of the time, except those rare ones which have a typically bigger diaphragm perform almost the same functions as an ordinary stethoscope does.

Monitoring a patient’s body through the process of auscultation is the most important yet crucial part of the field.

Since there are no ready differences on the plate, there still are some varieties in the designs which can say that fits the needs of a veterinarian:

Single sided head stethoscope:

It could be user’s preference but when it comes to convenient feedback, single side head stethoscopes becomes the epitome of efficient tools.

The reason for this is that animals behave in a different way when they do not recognize a person. It can become really tricky to tackle them in such situations to examine their bodies.

The noisy environment is yet another hurdle in this regard so single sided stethoscopes can come in very handy. You get to apply different amounts of pressure to sustain the sounds you are receiving from the movements of organs from the patient’s body.

Sometimes there is less to no time to flip the side of chest piece for a precision hearing which is why the single side works better for vets.

It reduces the difficulty to perform the right kind of auscultation or listen to different levels of frequencies without trying to flip it over and over again.

In this modern era, doctors need some buying guide on how to purchase the best stethoscope according to their requirements so we are here for those people who are searching for a top-quality stethoscope for veterinarians professionals.

Choose according to your need there is not much difference in products which are listed here.

Some are special doctors recommended which many of the doctors already use and satisfy from that product so choose easily and give your valuable feedback.

List of Top Rated Best Budget Stethoscopes for Veterinarians in 2021

  1. ADC Adscope 600 Platinum Series Cardiology Stethoscope
  2. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope – Best Pet Stethoscope
  3. 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 5831
  4. 3M Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope
  5. Prestige Medical Veterinary Clinical I
  6. 3m Littmann 6165 Cardiology IV

Best Stethoscope for Veterinary Technicians

1. ADC Adscope 600 Platinum Series Cardiology Stethoscope

ADC Adscope 600 Platinum Series Cardiology Stethoscope

ADC is one of the well-known brands that make every type of stethoscopes which gives the perfection to any doctor whether your are cardiologist and veterinarians, you can happy with the result of this stethoscope.

It also works fine for you if you are a veterinary student and want to check different types of animals during your practice. Its cost is not much high like the Littmann brand but it offers an equal quality of products like in this cheap price range this model comes with AFD technology which provides the excellent hearing ability.

ADC 600 Platinum comes with a one-sided head which recommends by many doctors or nurses who check the patients on a daily basis. For giving the better and acoustic sound this stethoscope uses the AFD technology.

Especially for those nurses who need to check the blood pressure daily is used this stethoscope for the better result under the good range.

Moreover, it offers the Adsoft threaded ear tips which are made with silicones and its wearing is comfort so you can wear or remove it easily. Its stainless steel binaurals have a 15 degrees angle so it can fit perfectly in your ear and gives you a perfect sound cancelation seal.


  • Adjustable frequency design (AFD) technology used
  • Adsoft Plus silicone eartips
  • Two additional pairs of Adsoft Plus ear tips
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Outstanding Acoustics performance
  • Chest piece material is made with Stainless-steel
  • Weight is 7.15 oz

Best Stethoscope for Veterinary Nurses

2. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

As you know Littmann is one of the big brand in stethoscope which is recommended by many health professionals especially those nurses or doctors who are doing their long duty and this model is best for those students who are searching for the best stethoscope for veterinary students.

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope comes in less weight than its competitors and it is best for those students who are beginners in this field and want to check the patient whether it is a large animal or small its tunable diaphragm and dual-sided chest piece gives you the great check acoustic performance.

Moreover, it is also the best stethoscope for pediatrics and you can check any type of patient by adjusting the pressure through chest piece like if you want to listen to low frequency sounds you put light pressure on chestpiece while for a higher frequency, high-pressure need.

If we check its tubing material then we come to know that it doesn’t make with rubber latex material because some animals got infected from this material but it is flexible like if you are folding the tubing then it retains its shape back.

Its ear tips are snap-tight which are a comfortable fit in your ear and gives you an efficient acoustic seal that doesn’t hurt your ears. this stethoscope is the lightest stethoscope whose weight is 4.2 ounces so you can wear it almost for a whole day easily.


  • Tear-drop shaped chestpiece for use with a blood pressure cuff
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Double-Sided Chestpiece
  • 28 inches tubing length
  • Non-chill rim
  • Two years Warranty

Best Littmann Stethoscope for Veterinary Students

3. 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 583 Review

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 583

This model of 3M Littmann Classic III monitoring stethoscope comes with a new design and technology which every medical professional like to use.

If you are a veterinary doctor or nurse and want to monitor the wide ranges of animals in which small and large both comes then this is one of the top quality stethoscopes which can give you all the normal and abnormal sounds in the animal body.

It has dual tunable diaphragms so you can check both adult and child patients. For thin and small animals you can use the pediatric side and if you want to convert this side into an open bell then replace the single-piece diaphragm with the non-chill rim.

Moreover, it is not only good for veterinary doctors, but it is also used by many of the other general ward or paramedics nurses and doctors in any urgent checkup and it comes with 5 years warranty.

No natural rubber and latex are used in the tubing of this stethoscope because many of the animals have allergy from this material while next-generation tubing gives you the oil and alcohol resistance.

Its eartips are snap-tight which gives you the acoustic seal and its ear fitting is vert comfortable which is easy to wear. Overall, it is the best stethoscope for small animal veterinarians.


  • Monitor both small and large animals
  • Next-generation tubing
  • 5 years warranty
  • Dual tunable diaphragms
  • Single-piece tunable diaphragm is easy to attach
  • Snap-tight eartips
  • 27 inches length

4- 3M Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope – Best Stethoscope for Veterinary Medicine

3M Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope

Master classic II by 3M Littmann has introduced veterinary stethoscope 1392 that has a bunch of features to let the vets prepare for what is coming their way

This portable tool has a conventional single sided chestpiece to diagnose body sounds and assessing physical difficulties.

The tool can be used to monitor heart, lungs or other body parts by specialists, students or professional vets. Its tunable diaphragm is able to provide sensitivity in the acoustic performance that saves time for your next patient.

No chill bell and the ability to switch between them ensurethe easy to use feature just like applying pressure and sustaining it.

Same site auscultation is made possible with the tubes that are resilient enough that they can be folded without damage.

Sealing eartips lets no dust or moisture enters the ears while working and gives an acoustic seal to them. Anatomically designed headset is made in such a shape that can reach the ear canal for better sound receiving.

3M littmann has added additional pair of large ear tips for quick replacement service whenever need be.

Typical y shaped tubing allows the sound to travel without any hurdle in the way to amplify the sounds of abdomen, lungs, heart or blood pressure in the body.

This mechanical stethoscope is the basic yet effective way of treating the patients in noisy environment.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • No chill rim
  • Two-sided chestpiece
  • Ear canal reaching headset
  • Pair of ear tips

5. Prestige Medical Veterinary Clinical I – Best Stethoscope for Vet Tech

Prestige Medical Veterinary Clinical I

V126-PUR by prestige medical veterinary stethoscope has brought it upon itself to change the scope of the medical world. The acoustics it is made on are the real gems that are responsible for conducting a good quality sound while blocking unnecessary noise.

Working in a tough environment where there are patients who are not going to be quiet on any chance can be difficult at times. So to work in a hasty environment you need to have a good instrument to make it up for it.

Clear and crisp transmission of sound is able to be produced with the addition of eartips and diaphragm in the package as emergency replacements.

The length of the tool sizes from 35.8 cm as to let the easy usage of it and makes one heck of a working buddy while you are at it. Thick tubing are responsible for providing a conductive sound quality keeping in mind what veterinary professionals have to deal with.

Dual eartips have the capability to seal outside noise without the feeling of discomfort as you have to wear it for longer shifts most of the time. This feature lets you hear crystal clear sounds during precise auscultation.

A good reading of the human body leads you the proper diagnostic and treatment so having the right instrument is the key.


  • 35.8 cm length
  • Effective sound conduction
  • Thick single tubing
  • Extra replacing diaphragms
  • Easy to use
  • Noise sealing ear tips

6. 3m Littmann 6165 Cardiology IV Review – Best Stethoscope for Animals

3m Littmann 6165 Cardiology IV

There is no other trust built on an instrument like 3M littmann has built on its cardiology IV stethoscope with its 7 year warranty and promising performance.

A daily usage tool has got your back with its next generation tubing so that your patient gets latex-free monitoring without the fear of reacting to allergies.

The single sided diaphragm is firstly easy to use and secondly easy to clean and disinfect as cleanliness is necessary in this field.

A pediatric option is able to provide an open bell when you remove the diaphragm and replace it with the nonchill rim. The latter is the reason you care for your patient’s comfort.

Tunable diaphragm is used in both adult or babies of animals both human beings making it a versatile tool.

27-inch tubing is not made from rubber or latex material as they can be harmful to some patients or any other component that can cause a life threat.

Getting the right diagnostic is the real key to the hole and guiding to that path. Depending on your everyday usage, the brand makes levels of stethoscopes that have different difficulty levels.

For taking blood pressures or body monitoring a lesser level is required as it has more précised parts installed in them.


  • Rainbow finishing
  • Subtle sound catching ability
  • Sturdy for critical environments
  • 40% larger chest piece
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Single side diaphragm
  • 7-year warranty

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Things to consider before buying the Best Stethoscope for Veterinarians

There are many points which everyone needs to check before buying the stethoscopes but here we define some of the major points which you need to analyzing the best stethoscope under your range.


As you know the doctor has a duty of a minimum of 8 to 10 hours and in these hours every doctor has at least one stethoscope which they carry all-time and hanging on their neck and some of the doctors fold the stethoscope and put in the lab coat pocket.

If any doctor purchases the heavy stethoscope it can give the neck pain or when it put in the lab coat pocket it will drop to one side which irritates them in their long duty.

So your first priority should be the light weight stethoscope which every doctor and clinic professional likes in their long duties.


Tubing is one of the major elements of stethoscopes and must check how much the length of tubing you required because in the pediatrics you easily check your patient through normal size tubing length but when you need a stethoscope for a veterinary professional then must go with big size tubing.

Actually, in this field you don’t know which type of animals or pets you need to check sometimes you have large animals and sometimes you have small pets so if your stethoscope has small tubing length then it is very difficult to the veterinary doctor or nurse to check the large animal.

After checking the length of the tubing, must check which type of material is used in this tubing because many of the tubing is made with latex material and some animals have allergic from latex.

So always buy that type of material made tubing which doesn’t harmful for small or large animals and easy to clean from wipes before check the next patient.


The chest piece is an important part of the stethoscope which covers three types of components which are stem, diaphragm, and the bell. This main thing is used to analyze all the sounds which are discovered in a patient’s body whether the patient is big or small you need to check according to their size.

Like if you have a big animal so big diaphragm is used for checking the big patient and you can hear more proper sounds which helps you to pick the disease in animals body.


The headset consists of ear tips and eartubes so as we discussed earlier earubes length must have enough size for checking the big animals and it is comfortable to use because many times you can wear or remove it daily.

So must check the headset which is easy to use and remove that’s why check its flexibility level mostly brands that come with durable material which is not easily breakable. You can also check what professional vets recommend and but this according to their recommendation.


Eartips plays an important role for any veterinarians doctors because when you feel comfortable you can hear more clear sound from your ears and these eartips are holding in your ears and it is made with silicone material which comes in different sizes.

Firstly check which size is easily fits your ears and check its comfortability level because every doctor or nurse can wear it for many hours that’s why go with recommended brands that don’t irritate your ears.

What features are required in suitable stethoscopes to make it work for vets in their field?

 Since a stethoscope is not one time use instrument, no matter how long or short your shift might be, with the right choice of stethoscope you do not have to worry about regretting your decision. There are a number of features that are often looked over when choosing the correct tool for your everyday use.

Head size:

Many stethoscopes that are coming now a days have binaurals or eartubes that are optimal to fit into your ear. The shape of the tubes depend upon the fitting as some are designed to go straight into yourear canal without difficulty.

The wrong sized fit can cause irritation and can become a hurdle in the operation. The pressure it will cause on your ears may also damage it with wounds or blocked blood flow resulting in extreme pain. The tips of those ears on the scope comes in different sizes so make sure you get the right ones for you.

As it directly affects the quality of sound you are receiving, they should be irritation free at first. The user’s comfort matters the most in this regard. A snugly eartip should be at least comfortable so they can be worn for longer time as well.


This factor greatly depends upon the type of patient the user is dealing with. As it happens to be in humans that infants are used smaller sized chestpiece as compared to adults, similarly animals with large body structure are advised to be used with a bigger diaphragm.

Moreover, the chestpiece should not be pointy or fancy but comfortable to hold as well. Easy to use chest piece is able to tackle the patient quickly no matter what their size is. Small sized animals will have to be dealt with smaller diaphragm for precise reading and auscultation.


The length and type of material use in the tubes of a stethoscopes holds much importance. Considering the versatile animal patients there are, a veterinarian needs to be careful with his selection of tool that has the right size of tubing.

Animals with huge sizes as horse, chimpanzees or bears are tend to be monitored with larger sized tubes to cover their bulky bodies.

For little animals like cats, dogs, or rabbits that are mostly pets, the smaller size of the tube is best as these animals are quick to respond. There is less chance of unsustainability and tangled wires. 

Of course it would all be in vain if the material of the tube is made of cheap quality latex or natural rubber. These materials can be harmful to the patients and can cause allergic reactions.

Further, if the scope is not durable enough to handle the pressure of everyday work, the investment is an epic fail.

Quality of sound:

It is important for the accuracy in diagnosis that the sound quality that is being received should be of the top tier. The auscultation is also made easier and lets the vet identify the problem on a deeper level. Plus animals can be really noisy at times and none of the tips or tricks work to make them quite. In such situations, it is important to have a stethoscope that works beyond that.

Comfortable to both:

Such an instrument that is used in everyday life needs to be lightweight first of all.Even if you are not wearing the scope at all times, you hang it around your neck most of the time.This additional weight during your working hours can slow you down as well if your stethoscopes if unnecessarily heavy.

It can really be helpful if the scope is foldable and can fit into your lab coat. Furthermore the patient’s comfort also matters a lot in this aspect. Much thanks to the non-chill rims that works best for the animals that are not prone to changing temperatures and have sensitive skin types.


Many brands add additional eartips or diaphragms in case of an emergency fix. The added security builds trust and reliability among the user and the brand, while maintaining a good warranty timing as well.

There are several types of stethoscopes with their own unique designs and functions such as teaching stethoscopes, classic stethoscopes, duo, and many more. The variety cannot put to a full stop but the user can always specify its usage and can choose from the type which suits his requirement best.

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