Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet in 2021 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Are you a nurse and searching for the right shoes for your long duty hours because regular shoes give you some major issues like plantar fasciitis, achy joints, or joint pains which irritates you in your duty and you don’t give your proper attention to your patient.

As simple shoes are difficult to wear for a whole day for nurses who have normal feet but it is more difficult for those nurses who have flat feet and it is not an easy task to find the best pair shoes for nurses with flat feet.

The duty of the nurse is to stand almost the whole day in operating rooms and this duty gives the pain in the lower body if you are not using the right shoes because the floors of the hospitals are hard and it gives pressure when you stand for a long time.

So after receiving a lot of queries about how to select the best nursing shoes for flat feet in 2021. We researched different types of brands that offer the shoes for flat feet so after purchasing these nurses don’t take more stress now and concentrate on your duty.

You just need to analyze which one is perfect according to you and pick that one:

List of Best Shoes for Nurses with Flat feet 2021

  1. Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Orthopedic Walking Shoes
  2. Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe
  3. KLOGS Women’s Naples Leather Nursing Clog
  4. Dansko Women’s Professional Leather Men’s

Best Nursing Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

#1. Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Orthofeet brand also comes in many different types of sneakers and work shoes which are comfortable for everyone who wears perfectly. This is the orthopedic shoes so it is the most comfortable shoes for use by the nurses.

Many of the customers want to try it first and if they feel comfortable they can buy that’s why this brand offers the 60 days money-back guarantee service with free shipping and returns service that’s why many of the people recommend this.

As we know the nursing profession is not an easy profession because nurses deal their patients for a whole day and stand almost 8 to 10 hours that’s why they have foot pain and plantar fasciitis so in this situation this lightweight orthotic shoe is one of the best model which comes with a smooth sole and excellent cushioning.

Moreover, after wearing these shoes your foot joints are relaxed and take less stress. It comes in three different types of widths which are medium, wide, and extra-wide so you can easily buy which perfectly fits in your foot. So it is one of the best nursing shoes for wide feet.

Women who have flat feet and by profession they are nurses, this product is best for them because it comes in the unique therapeutic design and orthotic insoles so this product is the best choice for flat feet ladies.

In short, Orthofeet walking shoes are all in one shoe like diabetic women’s, and neuropathic women easily wear this for the protection of their feet and its extra foam padding gives the better comfort to these women.


  • 60 days wear test refund facility
  • Light in weight
  • User-friendly design and sole
  • Soft interior fabric
  • The padded collar is good for sensitive or diabetes patient
  • Comes with a premium orthotic insole
  • Cushioning sole with air pockets
  • Extended widths
  • Good for diabetic feet

Best Shoes for Male Nurses with Flat Feet

#2. Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Some nurses love to wear heel shoes because of small height and some are irritating in the heels so this Brinkenstick brand model comes with non-heels which is best for those nurses or women who don’t need heel they only need comfortability in feet.

It comes in a contoured cork footbed which easily supports all arches and your foot can be easily fit and grip on the hard floors of hospitals. Genuine leather is used for making these shoes that’s why it is more durable than others.

Moreover, this model is light in weight and open space from the back so air flows from your shoes easily and your feet feel more comfortable. As far as its outsole is concerned, it is flexible and synthetic sole gives this model an excellent grip on the floor so it reduces the chance of slipping.

Birkenstock Unisex ProfessionalSlip Resistant Work Shoe has a non-slip rubber sole and these shoes are easy to clean and oil resistant. Its two adjustable buckles and back strap are easy to wear and remove in few seconds. Specially designed for male nurses who are tired from their jobs and wants some relaxation.


  • 100% Leather made
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Synthetic sole
  • 0.75 inches heel
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Oil resistant and easy to clean
  • Two adjustable buckles
  • Custom-fit
  • Adjustable back strap

Best Shoes for Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis

#3. KLOGS Women’s Naples Leather Nursing Clog

KLOGS Women’s Naples Leather Nursing Clog

KLOGS Women’s Naples comes in 100% leather shoes with anti-slip outsoles which helps the nurses in the hospitals where sometimes floors are wet and in oily condition. So these shoes help the flat foot nurses to walk on these types of floors for a long time.

Once you start wearing these shoes, you will never feel hurt again because it cushioning and indoor space is enough for your feet to feel comfortable and relax.

Its design is attractive and fashionable and 2 inches heel is comfortable for flat feet nurses whereas when we measure its platform it is 1 inch with a synthetic sole. These two measurements help the flat for nurses to move easily.

Furthermore, its polyurethane outsole is slip-resistant and it gives energy to your feet for moving easily from one place to another. Somes corridors and rooms are wet for cleaning purposes and in this situation, these shoes are best for nurses with plantar fasciitis issues.

These shoes come with no laces which means it is easy to wear and the left and the right collar is attached with a rubber pad which is very flexible. The structure of these shoes is very helpful for those who are already irritated from laces shoes and it is easily wiped with dry clothes.


  • No laces
  • Flexible rubber
  • 100% leather which makes durable
  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic sole
  • Anti-slip facility
  • Soft padded tongue
  • 2 inches heel and 1-inch platform
  • Odor-absorbing microfiber linings
  • Easy to clean

Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet and Overpronation

#4. Dansko Women’s Professional Leather Men’s

Dansko Women’s Professional Leather Men’s

Being a nurse it is not an easy task to care your patient’s for a long time, you may take some stress or pressure if you are not comfortable with your shoes or you have flat feet so Dansko comes with good quality shoes which many of the nurses recommended especially for those who have flat feet.

Dansko made with 100% professional leather and it gives the amazing arch support especially for those nurses who have some feet issues like flat feet or metatarsalgia. So this amazing leather shoe is best for these types of nurses.

Its sole is made with Polyurethane which is comfortable for flat feet person and its support is also good. Your feet are so comfortable after wearing these shoes.

Moreover, it comes with an instep collar which is padded and it gives you extra comfort while walking and 2 inches of the heel is also a great addition in this model.


  • Comes in Polyurethane sole
  • Amazing Arch Support
  • It offers the padded instep collar
  • 100% imported leather
  • 2 inches of heels

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