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Best Baby Monitors with 2 Cameras for Multiple Rooms [2020 Reviews]

Are you wondering about how to purchase the best baby monitors with 2 cameras that works in multiple rooms to keep an eye on the baby?

This video gadget is very helpful for parents for watching their kids when they are not at the home but if you have more than one kid or you have a big house then you must need the baby monitor which has multiple cameras.

But how to pick the quality baby monitor which expands up to more than one camera at an affordable price is a big question which is asked on many forums so that’s why we are here for you after making the list of the best 2-camera baby monitors for two or more rooms.

In this list, all the baby monitors come with multiple features so you can easily check which baby monitor is best according to your home or baby.

List of best baby monitor for two rooms with 2 Cameras in 2020

Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms

#1. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor up to 1000ft Range

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor up to 1000ft Range

Moony baby Split 50 Baby Monitor is used to keep an eye on your baby when you are not at home or not physically present to your child. It helps you to manage your baby routine. Your child turns out to be increasingly more inquisitive about the world to start his/her little experiences around the house.

This baby monitor comes with 2 cameras so you can see both rooms at the same time using split-screen. Whenever you are not at home even at the night, this baby monitor has a feature of auto night vision so you can easily see how your kid sleep.

A 2-way talkback is a good option in this baby monitor and different types of 5 slow songs give your baby pleasant moments. It is one of the quality baby monitors which shows you the room temperature.

Moreover, a large 5 inches screen shows you the quality image of your baby or if you want both cameras at the same time you can easily choose the “Screen Split Mode” but you can pick only one camera with sound While in “Sweep Mode”, the screen will show combined camera individually.

When you see your baby live video you can easily Zoom in and zoom out the video and its screen is automatically On when baby monitors hear the crying sound of your baby.


  • Two-way talkback system
  • Temperature Alert technology
  • 1000 ft range is too good for multiple rooms
  • Power Saving Mode
  • 5 inches split screen
  •  Provide with a wide view with digital zoom
  • It is a plug and play device
  • Provides you a proper security of your baby
  • You can keep a sleeping track of your child
  • Check your baby activities
  • You can manage feed routine of your infant
  • Playing activities configure easily
  • One user said sometime it has Charger Connection Issues

Best Dual Camera Baby Monitor for Two Rooms

#2. Moonybaby Trust 30 Video Baby Monitor 2-Way Talk-Back and Long Battery Life

Moonybaby Trust 30 Video Baby Monitor 2-Way Talk-Back

Moony baby trust 30 video baby monitor is an excellent device for busy parents and for travelers for having a baby caretaker in the form digital device. You can tal

k with your infant or even listen to your little angel voice whenever you want, you just have to see your video monitor and check out your infant precisely.

This device is now common in the market everyone wants this miracle gadget at their home for their infants. With this valuable device, you can see your baby activities or also capture candidly. It comes with a portable monitor that you can take it anywhere.

It comes with two cameras that provide a wide view with full HD zoom. Even that you can check your baby at night as it provides you a special infrared night vision technology with which you can get a sharp view at night or in dark too.

Don’t try to move the camera to another room when you move the child. Effectively SCAN view or press easy route catch to switch sees between matched cameras. The screen can interface up to 4 cameras. Although the extra camera can be sold out independently.

The 2.4 GHz impedance free sign works in the home among rooms and higher up/the first floor. Also, capture the slightest echo with a high frequency that is available in GIGA hertz. No WIFI/INTERNET arrangement required. Guarantees private and secure association between the camera and the screen. With TALK BACK catch, you can converse with your accomplice or infant when they need you.

Having two modes of battery health one is audio activation or in Power Saving Mode that takes eight hours and six hours in proceeds with video on mode. Zoom in for nearer sees on the screen. Also, zoom out to view the moment without going into your infant room.

Its additional features include Automatic night vision, Baby room temperature checking that alerts you if the temperature of the room goes out of the range, 5 implicit bedtime songs that act like a nigh rhyme, Zoom in and Power sparing/Voice enactment mode, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras).


  • It is a Plug and play device
  • Portable you can take it anywhere
  • Having lullabies to entertain infant
  • Two-way talkback system to talk with baby
  • Having multi-cameras that comes with up to four expandability
  • Built-in night vision technology
  • Include two modes of battery life one is with voice activation and video mode on
  • Comes with a large screen that provides ultra HD view
  • You can zoom in or zoom out the view
  • Helping in care of your baby
  • It provides better privacy
  • Record cutest moment of your baby
  • This is best for travelling parents
  • Night vision mode is a good addition
  • Limited by the range of connectivity

Best Non Wifi Dual Screen Baby Monitors

#3. Moonybaby Trust 50-2 Non-WiFi Baby Monitor with Power Saving/Voice Activation Mode

Moonybaby Trust 50-2 Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Moony infant trust 50-2 video infant screen is a magnificent gadget for occupied guardians and for voyagers for having an infant overseer in the structure computerized gadget. You can chat with your baby or even listen to your darling voice at whatever point you need, you simply need to see your video screen and checkout your newborn child exactly.

Its two cameras can be paired with your personal computer won’t try to move the camera to another room when you move the child. Use Scan mode or view mode to see between cameras. The screen can connect up to 4 cameras and also have an opportunity to sell out extra cameras independently.

Moony baby monitor ensures a long battery life. It works about eight hours in Power Saving Mode or an audio activation mode while six hours in proceeds with video on mode. Zoom in for nearer sees on the screen. Also, zoom out for the father’s view of the room.

This gadget is currently normal in the market everybody needs this supernatural occurrence contraption at their home for their babies. With this important gadget, you can see your child exercises or additionally catch authentic. It accompanies a compact screen that you can take it anyplace.

Having a secured technology that guarantees private and secure association between the camera and the screen. The 2.4 GHz impedance free sign works in the home among rooms and higher up/first floor. No WIFI/INTERNET arrangement required. With TALK BACK catch, you can converse with your accomplice or infant when they need you.

It accompanies two cameras that furnish wide view with full HD zoom. Indeed, even that you can check your infant around evening time as it gives you an extraordinary infrared night vision innovation with which you can get a sharp view around evening time or in dim as well.

Housed with additional rich features like Automatic night vision, Baby room temperature checking, 5 implicit cradlesongs, Zoom in and Power sparing/Voice enactment mode, Multi-Camera whose Expandability (up to four cameras).


  • It supports a maximum of four cameras
  • Provide a large screen with a full HD view
  • Comes with an ECO mode
  • Include lullabies for entertaining your infant
  • Automatic night vision technology
  • Having a large range of 1000ft
  • Two way talk back system
  • Zoom in feature to capture the nearest view
  • Provide multi-cameras expandability of up to four cameras
  • To see the baby activity when you are outside
  • Keep the track of baby napping
  • Relieve your anxiety about your baby
  • Built in night vision technology
  • It looks slightly bulky

Best 2 Camera Baby Monitor with Wifi

#4. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch Screen with 2 Cameras

Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch Screen

Baby sense Monitors are created and delivered by HI sense Ltd organization, work in the child observing field since 1991. It has a strong aptitude in creating quality infant screens, meeting the severe prerequisites and requirements of both the institutional and homecare markets.

Baby sense screens are demonstrated and trusted on the worldwide business sectors and have helped in securing a great many babies around the world. We realize that your infant adores the recognizable alleviating sound of your voice.

Sing or converse with your child in perfectly clear solid or play cradlesongs and background noise for a quiet rest. It has a sense of calmness realizing your darling is protected and sound with the Baby sense’s 3.5 inches shading video child screen. The screen is provided with Two Cameras, permitting you to screen two infants in various rooms from one Parent Unit.

This child screen is provided with exchangeable wide point focal points and the most recent 2.4GHz FHSS Technology for the steady, secure association and nitty gritty computerized vision and sound. Relatively quiet, comfort, and sing to your baby with your own voice utilizing the most developed 2-way talkback correspondence innovation.

Also, when the infant can’t rest or should be quiet, you can utilize the in-fabricated children’s songs with white sounds. It’s an ideal match. You can watch your baby even from outside your house as the infant screen has wide range of up to 960 feet open space.

Night vision mode helps the deaf parents for checking when the lights are Off and it automatically gives you the sign of high or low room temperature. It can capture a much wide range of angles like 360 degrees of the manual pan and 90 degrees of tilt.


  • You can monitor two babies in a different room
  • It can zoom with a manual pan at an angle of 360 degrees
  • Also can tilt with an angle of 90 degrees
  • Built-in night vision technology
  • Having an ultra-wide-angle view
  • Wide-angle view of 960ft
  • 3.5 inches screen of the LCD monitor
  • Relieve your anxiety
  • It minimizes the risk of waking up baby
  • You can see yours baby activities
  • An audio technology alerts you against infant crying sound
  • Quite expensive

Best Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

#5. Babysense 5″ HD Baby Monitor Two HD Cameras with Remote PTZ

5 inches HD Baby Monitor is the most demanding baby sense video baby monitor to know with exactness when your infant dozing or when your baby has woken up and needs your embrace to observe the smallest move in his/her bed

It appears to be this baby monitor totally secure and Hack Free child screen is all you need. It will spare you at 12 PM visits to the nursery and will permit you to rest, work or do the housework in true serenity – while your child is joyfully dozing or playing.

With so numerous video child screens flooding the market, picking the best isn’t simple. This is the reason we added numerous flexible checking highlights to our child screen. This video child screen is without web and gives a protected association with your infant. It includes an enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology, guaranteeing that it can’t be hacked.

Our top of the line child screen is furnished with a 2-camera framework, so you can screen your child in two rooms while resting in the nursery or playing in the parlor. Appreciate fresh HD picture of your youngster on the huge 5″ LCD show, clear sound, night vision, and room temp control with a wide range infant camera screen, made for your benefit.

Introduce your cameras on the tabletop, work area, room divider or roof, to get the ideal survey edge. They accompany a customizable mount, for flexible arrangement. Calm your child back to lay down with a bedtime song utilizing our novel sound capacity

The ultra-brilliant, overly clear High Definition 720P showcase screen permits you to screen even the smallest change in your endearing face’s appearance.

Watch your child in the nursery day in and day out, gratitude to the IR night vision of this top of the line compact infant cam screen remain associated with your child, calming and consoling your little one with your own voice and comfort with the container (350°), tilt (70°), so you can generally observe everything about the nursery.


  • Provide an HD view of 720P resolution
  • Built-in night vision technology
  • Consist of two-way talkback communication
  • It has an LCD display of five inches
  • Associate with a 2-camera framework
  • It includes an enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology
  • Provides you a comfort sleep
  • You can keep a secret eye on your baby
  • Keep a record of baby day time routine
  • Manage the sleep time at night
  • You cannot expand the range up to the required limit

Best Multi Camera Baby Monitor with Audio

#6. Babysense 4.3″ Baby Monitor with Two Cameras and Audio

Babysense 4.3 Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

A baby monitor is one of the most admirable devices for busy parents to see their infant easily when they are not at home. This makes a choice to talk with your baby easily. It provides you an assistant to keep a secret eye on your baby and to examine each her\his activity.

It comes with a full HD screen of 4.3 inches monitor with which you can see your baby while he\she is playing, sleeping, eating, or doing something else. You can keep a track of your infant sleeping routine, nap timing, and feed time. This baby monitor offers the two pan-tilt cameras which are easily zoomed In and zoom Out.

Your babies can hear your voice with the help of this baby monitor while your baby sleeping. In the day when you are not at your home its long range of 960 feet gives you the extra-wide scope to watch your baby inside the rooms.

In the night, auto night vision gives you mental relaxation because you can see your baby even in the darkroom, and whenever your baby will cry you can hear your baby voice easily. This package includes remote, tilt, and pan.

Overall, it is the best budget baby monitor which works in two room easily. If you want baby monitor which comes with spilt screen then checkout our buying guide of best split screen baby monitors.


  • Consist of a detailed split screen of 4.3 inches
  • Excellent Auto night vision technology
  • Provide a wide range up to 960ft
  • Having a 2.4GHZ FHSS technology
  • Built-in two-way talkback communication
  • Include remote, pan, and tilt movements
  • Works as a security camera
  • Provides you a better privacy
  • Best to keep a sleeping time track
  • You can see your infant in night
  • You can see your baby when out of the home
  • It helps you to listen your baby voice
  • Cannot be affordable by everyone

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