Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor Reviews 2020

This amazing gadget is helpful in making your parenting easy by making you able to monitor your child with more sensitivity as it provides you two moveable cameras allowing you to have a clear look at your child from an upper perspective. Two cameras make it easy for you to have a glance from two different angles at the same time with the help of a rupture screen.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor comes with remote control of the cameras even from some distance as you can make cameras set at your required angle. In addition to this, you can also zoom in the camera to have a closer view of your baby. You can also lean the camera and in this way you can scan your child as much as you want.

LCD Size and Night Vision Mode:

This apparatus provides you a parent unit LCD of 5 inches which is colorful, unlike other baby monitors it captures the colors too and makes it comfortable for you. Motorola Baby Monitor is prepared with infrared lights making night vision clear as much as in daylight and this feature makes it better than the other such gadgets.

Not only this but it also has speakers with a camera working like an intercom making conversation between you and your child. You can talk to your child from distance making him feel your presence and can hear his cry if he needs you. Moreover, the speakers are in-built in cameras and not separate which makes it even long-lasting than your thoughts.


The fitted microphones are so careful that can capture even the smallest sound so you get in touch with your offspring once he or she needs you and it can sense up to MBP50-G2. But as a precaution measurement, you should not keep any other device near Baby Monitor as it can cause blockage in conversation and can interrupt the usage.

Distance Range:

Its maximum range is 1000 feet and this wireless device which means electricity shortage does not affect its working and works with 2.4 GHz FHSS.

Motorola Baby Monitor system comes with a parent control unit in your hands with a 5 inches LED screen with colorful display making night vision also impactful. Moreover, this LED has a divided screen showing your view of both cameras from different angles. This unit also has a microphone through which you can talk to your baby making him relax being around.

Not only this but it has 5 lullabies recorded which you can play anytime to calm your child and make him fall asleep with your love. This parent unit works effectively within 1000 feet making it certain that you get all updates even while doing your house chores. Notification alerts let you know if you get out of the range of 1000 feet or if the battery is getting low so that you may charge it on time.

If you are intended to check the other areas of your baby’s room, you don’t need to move to the required room. You can adjust with the arrows given on your handy parent unit. You are given arrows to turn it right or left and can also zoom in or zoom out with magnifying glass in both cameras to give you a zoomed view of your child. Not only this but you can also tilt it to your desired angle so that you may look at your child from any position.

Temperature Sensor:

In addition to all these, you also get a temperature sensor in this model which shows the weather of your baby’s room on your parent monitor just to make it easy for you as you can decide either to keep your child hot or cool and let your baby provide proper warmth.

These child monitors are not only camera monitors but work as intercom too connecting you and your child in all possible manners so that your child always find himself protected being with you hearing your voice through the incorporated microphones and speakers, designed with such dedication that you may hear even the slightest sound your baby make.

Just to make sure that once your child needs you, you may get along with him. Moreover the sound sensors notify you on urgent basis if the baby is in pain or even mumbling with discomfort so you can always be with him in his need.

Night Vision Mode:

Unlike other such devices, it doesn’t give you a blurred view at night times but the infrared night vision feature allows you to have a live screening of the infant even at night times too. The 5 inches parent screen unit gives a clear view as if you are looking at him with your eyes.

Our company always care for you and that is why we have made some special parenting apps to increase the facilities given in your Motorola Baby Monitor with different features. For example Growth and Development Tracker help you to have a close look at your baby’s growth.

All you have to do is to enter the complete data in this app such as the height of baby, weight, baby’s sleeping times, his feeding measurements, diaper changes and mother’s feed timing and quantity. This app will not only help you to keep all data safe but will also alert you if there’s an insufficient growth.

Another app named as Baby Facts Of The Day gives you tips daily for baby’s digestive developments and Sleep And Parenting Tips updates you daily with tips important for new parents via some articles and videos related to your infant’s age to make it relevant.

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