Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents and Heavy Sleepers 2020 Reviews

Are you deaf or searching for the best baby monitor for deaf parents in 2020? because your children are your weakness! Every parent thinks about their child either he/she is mature or immature but they always need an eye for their safety.

Babies are the gift of God and every parent wants to get close day by day to their child but unfortunately, some parents don’t have enough time for them to spend just because of their daily routine timing and job timing conflict so baby monitor plays an important role in every parent’s life.

Many deaf parents are worried about how to pick the best baby monitor which helps to keep an eye on their children so we are here with the best list of baby monitors for deaf parents and heavy sleepers.

List of Top Rated Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents in 2020

  • Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1
  • SereneLife SLBCAM550 Wireless Baby Camera Monitor
  • Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor with Vibration Alert

#1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1

Parents always spare some time for their family especially for their babies but some parents didn’t have time or having their job timing issue due to which they didn’t spend as much time with them, Regarding this Nanit launches its baby monitor to check that what is your baby doing in the room.

If you are looking for the best baby monitor for your baby then Nanit’s wall mount generation 1 is the right choice as it gives excellent view doesn’t matter its day or night, it also has a built-in night light in it which gives a clear result at night.

It has no such difficulty for installing because can easily on the wall behind the baby cot of your baby which gives a real overhead view of the baby.

In Addition, it also notifies and updates you on the room situation if you are using other apps or even your screen is locked. Nanit has a temperature sensor or humidity sensor that gives the facility to see the room temperature, with this feature you can easily change the room temperature according to the baby need.

As you know Nanit producing excellent products, regarding this product it is easily installed without any issue it is easily mounted next to the crib. If you have a twins baby then check the best baby monitor for twins.

Moreover, it not only tracks the sleep of baby! It also captures the parental habits and notifies you with better suggestions for improvement, even you can easily watch how the last night went in room or check the trends of last night vs previous night comparisons.

Last but not the least it has many other features like recording while slow internet, enterprise level hospital security system and live view of room doesn’t matter in which country you are.

Especially designed for the busy and deaf parents which gives you the satisfaction that your baby is safe Nanit again done it and solve many problems of parents regarding their baby security and if you are looking for the best and amazingly featured baby monitor then this product is the best choice.


  • Best view day & night
  • Easy Installation
  • Smart Notifications
  • Amazing Sensors
  • Hang next to the Baby cot
  • Room tracking and comparisons

Best Baby Monitor for Heavy Sleepers

#2. SereneLife SLBCAM550 Wireless Baby Camera Monitor

Sometimes your baby needs you but you can’t be there in front of him/her, regarding this Serenelife offer their baby camera monitor even this baby monitor is also for deaf parents.

Serenelife release the tension of those parents who are not available for their children when they badly need them, with this product you can easily see what is your baby doing or what they want, even you can track your baby sleep timings.

It has a smartwatch that you can easily put on your wrist and easily track your baby with a 1.54 inches display on it so deaf parents also easily track their babies.

In addition to this product, the feature is night vision camera displays HD quality video even detectable in low or dim lights, no matter if you have dark rooms it displays crystal clear video to the user on the watch screen.

Moreover, it facilitates two-way communications as it has a microphone and speaker with which can easily communicate with your baby.

If your baby is an addict to listening to lullabies at night then this product has built-in lullabies in it, now you need not worry about your baby habit, just a single push, and the baby is in more comfort.

Lastly, this SereneLife baby monitor also records the room temperature because babies are more sensitive and parents know about the child’s atmosphere adjustment, with the help of this feature you can easily check the room temperature.

If you are looking for the best baby monitors then this product is best among the best which makes your life easier to spend. If you want to purchase a baby monitor with long-range then check best long range baby monitors.


  • Smart Watch monitor
  • Rechargeable watch
  • Night Vision
  • Two way communication
  • Built-in Lullabies
  • Room Temperature monitoring

Best Baby Monitor for Hearing Impaired

#3. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

As parents, we can understand your worry about your baby. That’s why owlet introduces this smart sock 2 baby monitor with the help of this you can watch your baby properly while sleeping whether you are in the next room or away at work.

The tradition of watching your baby through audio or video monitoring is now changed. The owlet smart socks help you to track your babies heart rate and oxygen level and notify you if some gone wrong. When knowing that everything is ok you can sleep better.

The manufacturer of this gadget specially focus on baby’s heath that’s why owlet smart sock comes new clinically proven technology with tracking of heart rate and oxygen level which is not available in others monitoring tolls.

The base station collects the data and notifies with lights and sound if something happened wrong. This base station works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which connect with your phone. Owlet smart socks come with a return option within 30 days.

The Owlet smart sock comes with three different socks to accommodate to growing your baby, a sensor inside the socks continuously update you regarding your baby’s health. The socks made with very soft cotton which is comfortable for bay to wear for long times. The socks adjustable around the top of the heel as well as feet.

Furthermore, these socks provide you to check your baby’s heath minutes by the minute. You can check heart rate and oxygen level of baby’s while they sleep the base station alert you when something went wrong with a baby with light and sound notification. By knowing everything parents can sleep peace of mind and sleep well.

They have three washable socks that are comfortably wear and the base station connected with a phone up to 100 ft. without wire. These socks can be fit from 0-18 months or 6-25 pounds’ baby. If you are travelling lover then you need the best portable baby monitor.

By adding more, an option you can simply install a mobile app and check real time heart rate and oxygen level. The app is available in free IOS & Android. I also provide you return back promise which means if you love this smart sock then take it and if not then return back within 30 days.


  • Thoughtful Design
  • Tracking of Baby’s Heath
  • Convenient to use
  • Smartphone app
  • Return option

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