Motorola MBP36XL 5″ Portable Baby Monitor Review – A Detailed Guide

Many parents finalize the Motorola MBP36XL portable baby monitor for monitoring their kids but they want full review about this gadget so we write a in depth review of this product.

Parenting becomes very difficult when working in an office; you need to look after your child when you are in the office.

You need a tool, in that case, to keep an eye on your child if the baby is warm and cozy in his bed or to cry alone in the room.

The Motorola MBP36XL will make you worry-free to keep an eye on your infant with its 5” monitor reliable screen.

Now, you don’t need to keep frequent checks in the room; just look and monitor your little one’s activity from where you are present, if it’s in the kitchen preparing dinner or office preparing your presentation or completing the project.

Features of Motorola MBP36XL 5″ Portable Baby Monitor Review:

This product suits the parent searching for a genuine baby monitor with a widescreen to give extra details.

This portable baby monitor is wireless; you can carry it with you anywhere. The monitor presents fine and illustrious picture quality on a five-inch-wide screen.

Its remarkable feature of infrared night vision gives you a precise display on the monitor to notice and look at the events in the night when you need it most.

It is very easy to operate as the menu buttons are present on the sides of the screen and uncomplicated to run the device.

Majestic Display

The display is very precise and sharp to notice your little munchkin activity. Quality of color display resembles real-life colors.

The best thing about the monitor is its Parent control mode which gives you the freedom to enjoy the video in real-time, and as it is wireless, you can move around and see the things on screen while holding in your hand. 

You can see everything in a range of 1000 ft, and its low battery alert will let you know to put the device on charge.

Portable Device

This baby monitor camera is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so things do not clutter with the cord, and you can easily hold shopping bags in your hand with grocery or shopping. 

The rechargeable feature particularly benefits when going on a trip to have a black look on your baby’s room, bed, and corners.

Just zoom and tilt to reveal the details of the room via the parent control unit.

Tap the up and down button to tilt and use the left and right buttons to the pan. Moreover, power cords are quite lengthy to capture the baby from a distance easily.

Monitoring the room’s temperature

Babies are very likely to caught cold and flu in winters due to their low immunity.

In that case, it is of utmost need to monitor the room’s temperature if it’s more hot or cold to make the baby uncomfortable.

Credit goes to this product as an in-built temperature sensor informing your baby’s room temperature.

Now, you can assure and satisfy yourself that your baby is cozy and sleep in his bed.

Two-way talk

The Motorola MBP36XL not only reveals the fine detail but also enables you to communicate orally via an in-built speaker with a highly sensitive microphone.

You can lorry your baby from a far distance because of its two-way communication feature. Volume adjustment is very easy and handy.

There is also a feature of power-saving mode, and the audio goes on when the screen is off.

Night vision

The night vision feature lets you assess your baby’s activity with its brilliant and crystal-clear image on a 5” widescreen. 

Parenting tool

The most amazing feature of Motorola is its dedicated parenting support. This means you need to download the app “Hubble for Motorola Monitors” and freely use the Growth and Development Tracker.

Input the details related to normal routine such as sleeping times, and diaper change, etc.

The app is available for Android and iOS to get useful tips and videos related to your baby’s age. 


It also alerts when the device runs low battery and out of range on a 5” LCD. 


This monitor comes very when it comes to having a look back at home on your baby.

Many expensive monitors are present in the market with the same features they pick the best option that suits your budget. Its wide 5” screen with vibrant color display, night time vision, inbuilt thermometer to measure the room, and two-way communication like an intercom will excite you to buy this product. 

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