Kodak Cherish C520 Baby Monitor Review – A Detailed Guide

We write a detailed review of Kodak Cherish C520 Baby monitor, so if you have any questions about this product, you can easily get all of the answers in this article.

In this modern time, every family member works day and night to keep meeting the financial demands and fulfill expenses.It truly becomes difficult for office workers to take care of their little ones and work in the office.

We have come up with a device, which is a monitor to keep watching your child’s activity.This lessens the worry of keep checking inside the room, again and again, to ensure the best baby monitor is playing with its toys or sleeping peacefully in bed.

Features of Kodak Cherish C520 Baby Monitor:

The KODAK Cherish C520 is an amazing parent unit that works like a radio.It means you can’t always leave your screen on but still can listen to voice and noise from the room over your monitor.

Wi-Fi connectivity:

 You can stay updated and aware of your infant’s activity from other rooms; you just need to assure a Wi-Fi connection. The camera and the screen automatically pair up together.

Due to a heavy rainstorm or thundery weather outside, you can lose the internet connectivity but don’t lose heart as it has an in-built SC card that records the video and audio to deliver you updates later on.

Kodak App:

Enjoy the Kodak app and its amazing services by connecting the camera directly to your internet and entertain yourself with the video through the Kodak app.

The app can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users. By connecting it to the internet, you can also see the video streaming to a far range of distance.

The kodak app offers user-oriented features, let’s say, detecting the movement and recording the video at night to watch your baby’s sleeping movements.

Video Quality:

It displays amazing and fine video quality on your 5” widescreen, revealing minor and major details accurately. 


It delivers amazing and sharp display performance within a long range of 700 feet. Now you can enjoy your baby’s activity from a distance like you are sitting in the office and missing your baby or doing grocery in the supermarket.Kodak knows your feelings and always considers your empathic relationship with your child.


This wireless monitor is portable as the rechargeable battery permits you to carry the monitor anywhere you drive or sit in the office.Everything can be watched on the screen in your hand.

Battery life:

Keep a check on your baby’s activity via monitor as the battery life of both screen and camera is 5 hours. The battery is rechargeable and fed some energy when it runs low battery power to surveil in the room.

Temperature sensor:

Fluctuating weather stresses the mother to worry about catching cold and fever.This problem is resolved with the temperature sensor of KODAK CHERISH C520, which detects the room temperature, and you can satisfy yourself your child is calm and sleeping peacefully in bed.

Night Vision:

The infrared night vision is a superb feature by which you can monitor the room at night to see the baby is sleeping or waking up late.Night vision displays the fine and precise details of movements; you can rely on that. 

Two-way communication:

The amazing KODAK C520 has an in-built speaker as well; you can speak into the room via microphone to soothe your baby while you notice the baby is crying.

This works like an inter-corm, and the delivery of voice quality is also good. Moreover, the latest product is updated with increased volume for two-way communication.

Split screen:

The user-friendly feature of screen split enables you to keep an eye on two different areas or rooms of your room, so make sure your little naughty is not doing any harmful thing in your absence.

Kodak Mobile App:

To connect the camera with Wi-Fi, you need to first install the Kodak Mobile App, which is easy to download and use. Sign up, connect, and you are good to go.

The mobile app lets you couple with at least 10 cameras. The mobile app is particularly useful as it comforts the user to click the picture, record video, and track your little munchkin’s activity.

Wall mountable:

The camera can be fixed to the wall, so your kitchen drive does not disturb by frequent back turns on the screen.


The keypads are illuminated to aid see the buttons in the dark.


This user-friendly Kodak C520 is very hand and offers user-oriented features like night time vision, screen split, 700 feet range navigation, amazing display, and two-way communication on a wide 5” inch display screen.These are the basic features everyone looks at at an affordable price to keep a check on the baby’s room.

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