7 flu facts

7 Flu Facts

Test your know-how with this true-false quiz

What you don’t know about the flu can be enough to make you sick—literally! See whether you’ve got the know-how to fight influenza by taking this true-or-false quiz.

  1. Since flu season runs from November to April, it’s useless getting vaccinated after the season begins.
    Bogus. While it’s ideal to get immunized in the fall, a shot in January can at present assistance keep you solid, particularly during this season’s flu virus’ top in February.
    When you get an influenza shot, you’ve done everything you can to forestall influenza.
    False. You can likewise eat an eating regimen wealthy in products of the soil, practice respectably, oversee pressure and dodge medications, liquor and tobacco.
  2. Influenza is regularly spread by personal contact, such as kissing.
    False. Influenza is commonly spread when individuals hack or sniffle infection tainted beads into the air.
  3. Antibiotic medications aren’t helpful in treating flu symptoms.
    True. Flu is a viral disease, so it can’t be treated with antibacterial anti-toxins.
  4. This season’s flu virus shot can really make you get influenza.
    False.Be that as it may, you may have minor symptoms like a runny nose, cerebral pain, sore throat or hack.
  5. In the event that you got an influenza shot a year ago, you don’t have to get one this year.
    False. Influenza antibody is refreshed yearly to incorporate the most current strains of this season’s cold virus.
  6. Not everyone should get a flu shot.
    True. This season’s cold virus shot isn’t ok for individuals with a fever, who have egg sensitivities, who’ve had past serious responses to influenza shots or who have Guillain-Barré disorder, an apprehensive and resistant framework issue.

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