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Keep an eye out for holiday hazards

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, but be careful that you don’t prick your finger. It sounds silly, but it can certainly happen. This would be a minor mishap, but there are many serious dangers that could send your child to the emergency room if you don’t keep a close eye out during the holidays.

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Poison prevention

Protecting your child from household chemicals Over 1 million children swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance each year. It is important for caregivers, parents and grandparents to know what and what not to do in the event that a child has come into contact with or ingested a household chemical. In the event that … Read more

24/7 emergency care for kids

Did you know that if your child has a medical emergency, there is a dedicated pediatric ER right here at Augusta University? That’s right. Since 1998, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia Emergency Department has provided rapid emergency care to children of all ages and stages – from bruises and broken bones to appendicitis and traumatic … Read more