Best Comfortable Tennis Shoes For Nurses 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

What did you say are the Best tennis shoes for nurses? It Looks like a simple question. But the answer can be really complicated. Living a nurse’s life is very traumatic! This is because they lean towards spending most of their time in the hospital.

Therefore, they would always love to wear everything comfortable. This comfort starts from the clothes and ends with shoes. Tennis shoes for Nurses have been designed to give them freedom and provide the right support.

Nurses have considered a few things while buying a pair of shoes. It’s essential to question in the shoes are, 

  • Slip-resilient, non-slip, and repel every type of chemicals
  • Breathable with the right amount of cushioning
  • Sharps resilient to guard susceptible feet from needles and other sharp items
  • Provide additional support, comfort, and shock absorption for walking, standing and sprinting for prolonged hours at work
  • Footwear should be easy to clean and even best if it’s stain-resistant

Wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes during an 8 to 12 hours shift can cause back pain, foot and Joints swell, and tiredness. Every so often, this pain can transform into permanent back and foot problems.

To treat these problems, you have to invest a large amount of money, which doesn’t guarantee that you will stand like you used to be. Thus, why take so much risk?

At the initial state, everything treatable, even the foot, deformities. Wearing a comfortable pair with right arch support will lessen your pain but also improve your posture. In other words, if you are comfortable, you can treat patients well.

List of Top Rated Best Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Nurses 2021

To help you pick the Tennis Shoes for Nurses, we’ve assembled our list of the top 6 best shoes. All of these shoes in our list cross styles and brands. They are also widely regarded as some of the best options for nurses who need more arch m support, comfort, and durability.

  1. Saucony S15333-3 Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe
  2. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13
  3. Reebok Women’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer
  4. ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Shoe
  5. New Balance Women’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe
  6. Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoe

1- Saucony S15333-3 Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe – Good tennis shoes for nursing

Saucony S15333-3 Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

The Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 is evidently a steal when one knows its value as a nurse who stays on feet for long hours. This time the Saucony comes up with a couple of improvements in the entrance of the Cohesion 10.

However, the most significant and most notable change in the outsole is the Tri-Flex system. It offers better shock absorption, extraordinary flexibility, and excellent traction.

Another prominent modification is removing few overlays in the midfoot and forefoot, mainly on the sideways. There is a tad extra room in the forefoot without losing balance and safety while keeping the weight lesser.

Usually, they make a long tongue, but this time, it’s totally the opposite. Thus, there are fewer chances of rubbing or irritation.

Fitting-Wise the Saucony Cohesion 10 has a standard of the Cohesion series. Plus, it provides a roomy toe box and a safe midfoot feel. The heel has enough security and actual hold, so you can confidently walk, run or stand on every terrain.

Saucon’s XT-900 Carbon Rubber covers the 10th generation of the Cohesion series rapid-wearing areas. Simultaneously, the softer IBR Technology the midfoot and forefoot for traction.

The simplest part of the shoes is the midsole, as It has the signature injection-molded EVA for extreme comfort.

In conclusion, Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 is a complete engineered system that maximizes wear performance.


  • Imported
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Sole-Based Stability
  • 100% Mesh Material
  • Grid Injection Molded EVA System
  • Reflective Elements for Low-Light Environment

2- Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 – Best Athletic Shoes for Nurses

Brooks Women’s Ghost 13

Brook Ghost 13 is one of the best options for nurses looking for tennis shoes with just-right softness underfoot without compromising responsiveness. Plus, this classic footwear is available in 21 unique designs and colors.

The shoe’s upper feature a newly engineered mesh, along with a 3D Fit Print practically disappears on your foot with deliberately placed stretch and structure.

This new Engineered Air Mesh upper hugs the wearer’s foot for a secure and breathable feel. The shoes are very lightweight; even by wearing them, you still feel like you are walking or standing barefoot.

This time Brook utilized a dual-layered material, which ensures the proper airflow around the sides. So, you don’t need to worry about getting your feet dirty and it is also the top brooks shoes for nursing students.

On the other hand, BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT both cushioning work together to ensure the wearer receives the right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability. The DNA LOFT now spreads beyond the heel for a peaceful transition from landing to toe-off.

Moreover, The BioMoGo soft cushioning technology takes the weight, pace, and ground into account to deliver a balanced ride. It doesn’t matter how your foot lands on the ground; the Segmented Crash Pad is there to work as an integrated system of shock absorbers. Thus, every step and stride for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.


  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT Cushioning
  • Segmented Crash Pad
  • Newly Engineered Mesh and 3D Fit Print
  • Smooth Heel-To-Toe Transitions
  • Improved Transitions

3- Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

When it comes to the best CrossFit shoes, the name that comes to everyone’s mind is the Reeboks Nano series. Nano was initially launched back in 2011 after the company launched an enterprise with CrossFit Inc. Fast forward years, Nano 8 Flexweave is the series latest model. Reebok made a lot of improvements in this model.

One of the visible changes Reebok applied in Nano 8.0 is the inner sole the shoe has. This part of the shoes is distinct from the outsole and permits users to wear them even barefoot. Also, it provides additional flexibility during standing or walking.

For a nursing job, one of the first attributes wearers look for in footwear is durability. Usually, people think the durability means a more rigid outsole, causing fewer flexible shoes. But not in this athletic they are both flexible and durable at the same time.

This upper unit of the Nano 8 Flexweave features two layers: The “Outer Flexweave” and the “Inner cleat sleeve.” The outer layer has an innovative Figure-8 weave interlock with each fiber for durable and stretchy support. On the other hand, the inner cleat sleeve offers a sock-like fitting. It provides comfort and a snug fit at the ankle part.

These sporty shoes have a dual-density midsole to fulfill the numerous demands of CrossFit. The heel area is designed to give better arch support. Meanwhile, the forefoot is a stretcher and more cushioned to survive with long hours of standing.

Lastly, at the bottom of the Nano 8 Flexweave, we have a high-abrasion rubber. This compound is specially engineered to deliver traction during active routines.


  • Toe Traction
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Low-Cut Design
  • Heel Bootie Construction
  • Low-Top Shaft from Arch
  • Flex Weave Woven Sneakers
  • Re-Engineered Flexweave Technology Provides Stability

4- ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Shoe – Most Comfortable Sneakers for Nurses

ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Shoe

ASICS Gel Upcourt is a budget-friendly and comfortable pair of shoes for people that have stayed on their feet at work. Also, it has a lightweight material that won’t hinder the performance.

It’s breathable upper ventilate the inner so wearers won’t have to be worried about sweaty feet. The trainer is built to support fast movements because of its grippy outsole, while the cushioning helps lessen the foot’s shock.

A rubber sole makes up the bottom of the Gel Upcourt. This compound is easy-going and tacky, helping the wearer in gripping the slippery surfaces. A special disc is placed under the ball of the foot, which prevents knee and joints injuries.

Moreover, the outsole hugs the front, producing a guard that shields the toes against bumps and allows users to push off quickly. The non-marking rubber ensures that you don’t bother the ugly streaks on polished floors.

The Gel Upcourt comprises a full-length foam midsole for the ground impact absorption. Meanwhile, Strengthening the underfoot protection, this shoe has a padded footbed, which prevents in-shoe slipperiness.

Lastly, the forefoot features the brand’s signature Gel Cushioning system. This component has a colloidal element inside it that swings with the foot’s movement to lessen the impact or pressure where it is needed.

A synthetic mesh upper at the top section of the Asics Gel Upcourt permits air to cool the foot chamber so you can. Both side walls inside it are covered in a soft mesh that offers a comfortable in-shoe feeling and makes it breathable.


  • Synthetic and Mesh
  • Made In the USA
  • Rubber Sole
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Rubber Gum Sole Provides Enhanced Durability

5- New Balance Women’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe – Best Tennis Shoes for Healthcare Workers

New Balance Women’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Court 806 v1 is an all-purpose shoe formulated for nurses with diabetes as it’s suitable for Medicare reimbursement. This sporty trainer comprises a rich, full-grain leather that enlarges through frequent use.

For additional comfort, this footwear is designed with an adequately padded tongue and collar. It also has a moisture-wicking Lightning Dry Sockliner meant to provide a dry and comfy feel inside.

These sporty shoes have ABZORB high-performing foam material designed with solidity and cushioning properties. Under the foot and heel ball, the “Dupont Engage Isoprene Technology” high-grade rubber material ensures flexibility and durability. Plus, it helps lessen out any stiffness under these flex points.

Resting between the middle slice of the shoe is the trademarked Rollbar posting system. This feature, including lateral and medial thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), helps the wearer prevent the foot’s extreme inward and outward twisting. 

Furthermore, the shoe’s bottom is inclined to wear, and tear may be due to abrasion and friction while standing at the hospital without having a moment. More than any other section of the shoes, this part offers an excellent kind of abrasion-resistant element.

For the New Balance 806, the brand utilized the “NDurance Technology Rubber” unit. Lastly, the New Balance’s innovation is designed to improve the durability in high-wear areas of the sole to extend the shoe’s longevity.


  • 50% leather and 50% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber Sole
  • ABZORB Super Soft Cushioning
  • C-CAP Technology Midsole
  • Lightning Dry Sockliner
  • Superior Stability and Support

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6- Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoe – Best Support Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoe

Just like the name suggests, the Nike Court Lite is fitted in a lightweight package. In other words, it let the wearer fly inside the hospital and accelerate in your performance, given its supportive attribute.

You must check it out if looking for a durable shoe for hard and slippery surfaces. Plus, it helps you to stay more confident without worrying about stability.

The shoe’s bottom is designed with the “Green Durable Rubber,” a Hard-wearing compound. This material is equipped to take out the harshness of concrete surfaces. Meanwhile, the improved “Herringbone Tread Pattern” offers the required grip, particularly during rapid stop and go movements.

It intends to give the wearer a stable footing experience. An added layer of abrasion-resistant material hugs the wearer’s toe to prevent wearing out speedily when the wearer drags its foot inevitably.

Nike Phylon foam cushioning slab sandwiched between the upper and outsole. This underfoot cushioning is formed by compression and heating EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam pellets, further carved into a mold. Likewise, the dense and durable features of this midsole foam help in reducing the ground impact.

The upper of this tennis shoe features leather and mesh material to give adequate room for flexibility. Similarly, the tongue is engineered in mesh to promote ventilation.

A lace-up closure system of the shoe lets it wear the freedom to cinch up the desired fitting. This footwear has a padded color to avoid ankle-twisting; this women’s footwear has a padded color.


  • Leather and Synthetic Upper
  • Mesh’s tongue enhances breathability.
  • GDR sole provides durable traction.
  • Full-length Phylon midsole
  • Extra Layer of Material on The Toe Area

Things consider before buying the best tennis shoes for nurses or nursing students in 2021

Highlighting the substantial criteria for getting footwear as a Nurse is very important. This for the sake of your health as it esteems the backbone, hips in addition to feet. Read the below features to have the correct pair of shoes in mind when you want to buy them.


Shoes that are replanted to slipping are one of the ideal shoes for nurses playing Tennis. However, the reason behind this at the hospitals is like courts, so more chance of falling on the floor. Always ensure the shoes you are picking should help you to prevent slipping and skidding.

Insole Material

Having a pair of shoes with insoles made of gel, foam, or designed by arch support are part of the features of the best Tennis shoes for Nurses. Pick a shoe that has sturdy, shock-absorbers or flexible insoles. So, it can reduce stress on the joints and knees.


Because of how long you wear shoes as a Nurse, you must consider the level of comfort and how heavy a shoe is. Nurses should not wear heavy shoes as they have to stand for long hours. Wearing a heavy shoe will not only affect your performance but also be extremely dangerous for your health. Simultaneously, the tennis shoes are lightweight so that you will feel comfortable even after a 12 hours shift.

Size range

Every human on the earth has distinct body shapes. Similarly, their feet size and shapes are also different. Maybe the shoes I find useful don’t go well with you. At the end a shoe which suits your style and your feet.

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