Best Electronic Stethoscopes – Digital Stethoscopes Reviews 2021

It’s time to review the best electronic stethoscope. A quality digital stethoscope provides some different functions compared to regular stethoscopes.

With benefits of improved auscultation, and amplified sound are an example of improved performance. These latest electronic stethoscope makes most of the difficult diagnosis easy. Also do not confuse amplifying stethoscope with electronic stethoscope, as both are not the same.These stethoscopes are among the best medical devices, which is widely used by medial practitioners around the world.

While electronic stethoscopes are meant to be used by medical specialists like cardiologists, nurses, medical students, pediatrics, paramedics, and respiratory therapists.

Digital stethoscopes are also used by general physicians and veterinarians. Thanks to the latest technology, you can now send data to your smartphone as well.

Converting the acoustic signals into electronic is the way how digital stethoscopes roll. These types of tools are the advanced face of ordinary and acoustic stethoscopes.

Providing the latest features to get a detailed and precise reading of the vital organs during auscultation leads to specified results and diagnoses.

This is the time of self-driving cars, smart watches, TVs and even kitchen appliances and toiletries. With the quick advancement of each and every aspect of life, one needs to be prepared for next generation diseases as well.

A stethoscope is not only a doctor’s identity but it is his constant companion when he has to deal with patients. With this much importance and responsibility of lives at its shoulders, it better be good and up to date.

Something that is worn throughout the day or most part of your shift, it needs to provide utter comfort and efficient working capability. Teams of various brands have come forward and put forward the thought of digital stethoscopes.

In order to get yourself comfortable with new technology as electronic stethoscopes, you need to understand its importance and usage. For this here is a quick read for you to get you familiar with your interest in health care.

You can buy electronic stethoscopes with different price ranges and from different brands i.e., Littmann, ADC, Cardionics, and Eko Devices.

Are digital and electronic stethoscopes the same?

The advanced form of electronic stethoscopes or one of the branches of its tree is a digital stethoscope. But the phenomena on which both works are mostly the same. Electronic stethoscopes overcome the challenge of low sound receiving by amplifying the sounds.

Digitized stethoscopes are used to convert audio signals to a digital one that can be shared in real time. Electronic stethoscope works in collaboration with the digital diagnostic tool detecting sound through electronic sensor and converting the energy by amplifying or filter it.

Its carefully designed circuitry is able to convert acoustic signals into electronic signals. This process is ideal for accurate listening at different frequency levels allows the energy to be boosted.

This energy can also be digitalized, encoded or decoded at the same time where the noise can be reduced and eliminated.

Certain components like sound transducers, speakers, headsets, eartips or diaphragms etc are responsible in this process of sound catching and transmitting. Placing the microphone upon the chest piece is one of the easiest way to detect sound.

A thick rubber made diaphragm or piezoelectric crystal structure with a metal shaft at its head is also included in the making of electric stethoscopes.

Being able to respond to the sound waves with the help of an electromagnetic diaphragm that involves a conductive inner surface is able to preserve it identically.

With the help of continuous practice, one needs to get familiar with electronic stethoscope or even digital one. They both have several designs and a bit different algorithms or features which are able to pick up sound, capture, record and transit it to the users.

The sounds which are obtained through these types of stethoscopes are to be considered one of the best sounds in the market.

Wireless transmission and recoding of clips into digital data are the positive steps one can take with these tools.

Top Rated Best Electronics and Digital Stethoscopes 2021

In this buying guide, we will review top rated electronic stethoscopes, which will help you to choose the best.

  1. Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope
  2. 3M Littmann 3100BK27 Electronic Stethoscope
  3. 3M Littmann 3200BK Electronic Stethoscope
  4. Cardionics E-Scope II 7710 Belt Model Stethoscope
  5. ADC Acoustic Adscope Digital Stethoscope
  6. MDF Instruments Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock
  7. ADC ADSCOPE 600 Cardiology Stethscope with AFD Technology
  8. Eko Digital Stethoscope Black

1. Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope

Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope

Cardionics E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Stethoscope is the best electric stethoscope. The cardionics e-scope 7700 stethoscope has the lightweight design, which makes it easy to wrap around your neck. The E-Scope 7700 stethoscope provides amplified sound, which is 30 times more louder, compared to regular stethoscopes. Cardionics E-Scope 7700 loved by health care professionals in listening to heart, breath, bruit, bowel or Korotkoff sounds.

It has the slim and lightweight design, which makes it lighter compared to acoustic stethoscope. You can control the volume with your fingertip. The heart / breath sound filters are placed on the stethoscope’s head, its price is on high end though.

Cardionics e-scope 7700 has some intelligent functions, i.e., you can increase or decrease sound volume, and it will remember your last sound settings. It automatically shuts down after 2 mints or idle, it also comes with extra pair of ear tips, selection of bells, and diaphragms.

It unique design helps in reducing the annoying background noise.

2. 3M Littmann 3100BK27 Electronic Stethoscope – Best Wireless Stethoscope

Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

If you need the most comfortable ultra lightweight electronic stethoscope, the slim and sophisticated 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope is just made for you. Littmann Electronic Stethoscope offers smart noise cancelling technology with sound amplification.

This technology help you to avoid unwanted background sound up to 85%, so you can hear with patient heart beat clearly.

The Model 3100’s ergonomic design ensures that all its controls are accessible and clearly visible while you auscultate. It features an LCD interface displays settings and remaining battery life. The 3100 has an auto-on feature that means auscultation can begin immediately.

There are 5 tube colors available, you can choose one of your favorite color. It has LCD interface with heart rate monitor and back light, so you can monitor everything visually. It has small and really sensitive sensor (15 mm diameter), which make it easy to use for infant and pediatric patients or at difficult areas (carotid artery).

3. 3M Littmann 3200BK Electronic Stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction – Best Noise Cancelling Stethoscope

Littmann Digital Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200’s active noise control feature makes it possible to avoid noisy background. This Littmann digital stethoscope comes with bluetooth technology, and upgraded user interface, without compromising on performance and ease of use.

This model can be used by critical care nurses, ER doctors, cardiologists, EMTs, general practitioners, pediatric specialists, and medical students.


  • Patented 3M™ Littmann® Snap-Tight Soft Seal Eartips
  • Bell and Diaphragm mode
  • Next-generation tubing is not made with natural rubber latex and does not contain phthalate plasticizers.
  • Non-chill diaphragm cover
  • Different tube colors
  • 2-year warranty

With this stethoscope you can record and save up to twelve 30-second patient sound tracks, so you can use later.

It does a comfortable fit into your ears with its snap tight eartips, which will help in avoid background noise. Its sound sensors are state-of-the-art, that provides a real sound. Rugged design make it possible years of trouble-free operation.

The stethoscope also includes USB drive with FREE Software for Zargis StethAssist Heart and Lung Sound Visualization. The software is designed to visualize what you are hearing, allow playback when convenient. You can also save it in patient records or transfer to colleagues for further analysis.

4. Cardionics E-Scope II 7710 Belt Model Stethoscope

Cardionics Electronic Stethoscope

The Cardionics E-Scope II provides clear sound of heart, breath and Korotkoff, so that you can easily identifying them. The Clinical Stethoscope has 125dB of maximum output level, which is 30 times louder compared to regular stethoscope.

Cardionics Electronic Stethoscope, Model 718-7710, is made for people with hearing problem. To make this possible, they’ve replaced the regular earpieces with a port. Such port accommodate specialized electronic headphones, which is designed for use without removing hearing aids.

The performance of the Specialist Adult Diaphragm provides 50% higher output, compared to regular diaphragm.

The Digital Stethoscope features a frequency switch for heart sounds (45-900 Hz) and breath sounds (50-2000 Hz). This allows the listener to concentrate on a particular sound. All the controls for volume and heart sound or breath sound filters are on the head of the stethoscope.

These makes setting the volume or filter easy for the user. The Electronic Stethoscope has 64 volume positions. When the Stethoscope is turned on, it will recall the most recent volume setting before being turned off.

The Amplified Stethoscope features a USB style output which allows for a 2nd listener and for users to transfer their recordings to a PC. A complete Operator’s Manual as well as an informal instructional CD-ROM are included with each E-Scope.

The E-Scope uses a standard off-the-shelf AAA battery that operates the E-Scope for 4-5 months assuming usage at 30 times per day, 6 days per week. The E-Scope features an automatic shutoff feature which will turn it off after about two minutes.

5. ADC Acoustic Adscope 548 Electronic Stethoscope – Stethoscope with Volume Control

With the ADC Adscope 658 electronic stethoscope, you’ll hear sounds you may have missed with a traditional acoustic instrument. It’s especially helpful when auscultating faint heart and lung sounds. When the patient is obese, or when listing through clothing.

The bi-lumen cardiology headset optimizes the acoustic pathway, with heavy walled tubing, large diameter aural tubes, and a double leaf tension spring that withstands thousands of cycle.

The ACD Adscope works very well in all conditions, specially if you wear hearing aids. ADC Electronic stethoscope allows to clearly hear blood pressures taken during patients’ stress tests, without having to remove or turn off your hearing aids.

Noise-filtering contact microphone eliminates background interference. It also has eight-step volume control with last-setting memory, also one of the affordable options.

The ADC Electronic Stethoscope Backlit LCD display powers down automatically if not in use. Rechargeable Li-ion battery, twenty hours of continuous use on a full charge.

6. MDF Instruments Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope

The world digitalizing and so is the medical field by launching MDF pulse digital stethoscope. The brand is known for the type of instruments it provides to its customers.  Life time warranty is what makes these products incredibly durable and function long time.

Maintaining eye contact with patients is really important during the check up which is why this apparatus is good with its timing. A digital stethoscope is made for accurate reading and more efficient operation than regular tools.

Latex free material is the best way to deal with sensitive skin which can cause allergies due to rubber structure. Its chestpiece powered by quartz is the patent time piece which has liquid crystal analog.

Lightweight and made with high quality aluminium, ultra thin fiber in the diaphragm uplifts the whole game.

The sounds picked up from the body of the patient are amplified and transmitted to the ears with the help of dual leaf construction on the stethoscope body. Even after being digitalized, it is safe to wear it because it prevents the ear drums from damage due to loose eartips slipping again and again.

Flexible and thicker in size, the tubing is another kick off in the market of stethoscopes. The longer it gets the more noise it is able to block in the way till the right one reaches the ear canal. A safe distance is also provided due to its long tubing as well.


  • Handcrafted
  • LCA quartz chestpiece
  • Latex free material
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dual leaf construction
  • Replacements added

7. EKO CORE Digital Stethoscope – Best Amplified Stethoscopes

To let the medic heart sound get an accurate response in real-time, one needs to get hold of EKO core digital stethoscope. For all the advantages it is able to provide, this tool has become one of the top and doctor’s favorites in the field.

Sleek in its design and as light as feather, it serves you with more power and smooth operation with the touch of accuracy. One of the biggest flex a user can make or the advantage one can get benefit from is the noise cancellation option.

The way it works is that you can activate the noise reduction option or enhance the sound amplification which can go as high as 40X. This technology removes background noises from the ear tips of the headsets and purifies the sound on its way to the ears.

FDA cleared and FSA/HAS eligible, this stethoscope has the support of Bluetooth technology. Connect the diaphragm with any of your Bluetooth headphones which are able to let you maintain a safe distance from the sickness of patient as well.

In the times of worldwide pandemic, maintain safe distance becomes necessary for doctors and medics and being able to do it with your tools as well keeps you away from danger too.

Moreover, one can record the readings for further analysis of his patient and can transmit those readings for heart screening and live streaming or even teaching medical students.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth support
  • Wireless auscultation
  • Eko app support
  • 40x sound amplification
  • Record the reading option

8. 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope 8480

In the world of compulsory health care in today’s time, one needs to be prepared fully for any upcoming health threat like the world wide pandemic. Thanks to 3M littmann core digital stethoscope as it has made it easier for the doctors to let the better diagnosis of their patients.

This tool has some serious edge over many other ordinary stethoscopes and one of the reason why is the 40x sound amplification system.

The perk of having this tool with you during your shift is that it enhances the sound to the highest of its wave but do not let the ear damage.

You get to toggle between peak frequency and analog mode and other listening modes to adjust according to your requirement. Its sealing soft ear tips contain the sound within the ear canal and do not other disturbing noises get through.

With that being on its feature list, noise cancellation becomes very handy while working in hasty environments or working with children. The comfortable fit will let you wear this instrument as a medal of honor for longer working hours.

27 inches of length and being able to connect with EKO software as a smart device is a cherry on top. Visualize and share the sound readings with your colleagues or students or keep them safe for further analysis whenever you need them.


  • EKO software support
  • 40X sound amplification
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Toggling between listening modes
  • Soft ear tips
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Dual-sided chestpiece


However, there are many benefits you can get by using a best electronic stethoscope. During a research it is found that, more and more doctors are preferring to use digital stethoscopes. So, choose from above given most popular and the best-sellers.

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Things to consider before buying the best electronic or digital stethoscope in 2021

A patient’s perception of a doctor is not just psychological but also physical in which his looks and the tools he uses also counts to a great extent. Since the world is evolving, one should move with it too in order to get hold of a lot of things.

Not to get in touch with technology can look like a foolish decision these days considering where the world is standing right now. Digital or electronic stethoscopes are a big example of this if we talk about the field of health care and medicine.

An advanced diagnostic tool has become one of the necessary tools for doctors and health practitioners but there are a few things that should be brought under the light before making a purchase:

Sound cancellation:

One of the major features which differentiate the ordinary stethoscopes with the digital ones is its noise cancellation factor. This is one of those specifications that will let you work in a noisy environment without you having to put your ears on stake.

Eliminating the difficulty of hearing during the auscultation process, digital or electronic stethoscopes are able to reduce background noises.

Imagine having this instrument right by your side when you are working on the busiest day and in the loudest environments ever!


40x sound frequency can be amplified with this stethoscope through its structure or the options it has pre installed in it. This feature will let you hear the precision some sounds have like the murmuring of heart and the sounds of fluids in the lungs etc.

Software support:

Many stethoscopes are made compatible with softwares like EKO which the brands launch to get the users more options like toggling between different frequencies and listening modes. One can record the readings for further analysis.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Several brands are able to come up with liquid crystal technology diaphragm is able to be connected with any Bluetooth compatible headset.Tangle free check up is the new way to maintain hygiene and distance in case of a pandemic.

Structure & design:

Dual frequency modes and toggling between them is one of the greatest aspects of these tools. Part of itdepends upon thestyle of diaphragm included in the set. If it is a double sided diaphragm, one can adjust the pressure for higher frequency and lower frequency.

Latex-free material is most users’ favorite to prevent allergic reactions whereas the design can be tube free or with long tubing. This depends on the personal preference of the buyer which suits him more as thicker and long tubing maintains safe distance and durability.

The diaphragm itself is made in digital or analog design which is able to show precise reading. Letting it attach for further screening of heart or other auscultation processes and reports is yet another milestone in the field of health and technology.

What are the positives or advantages of digital/electronic stethoscopes?

The cardiovascular auscultation and diagnosis is the most critical part in a patient’s condition. Some of the faintest sounds lies in the heart or near that area. In order to get those sensitive readings, one needs to have the right type of tool with him.

There are several positive outcomes of using digital or electronic stethoscopes as:

  • Traditional auscultation can be carried out without any complexity.
  • Easier diagnosis is possible by amplifying the sounds up to x10 dB or 40x.
  • Background noise is reduced to a great extent.
  • Wireless stethoscope do not need a tube.
  • For a tubeless process, there is the option of connecting it to headsets and other devices.
  • Record the auscultation for further analysis.
  • Share the recorded readings up to five people at the time.
  • They can be a good source for telemedicine.
  • One can get accurate reading under different clothing.
  • Various designs of diaphragms and bells.
  • Wider frequency range is able to detect more diseases correctly.
  • Frequency can be adjusted anytime.
  • Visual display option is available to the user.
  • Compatible with people who suffer from hearing problem.

Besides the good points there are minor cutoffs at some points or batteries may run out in the middle of a session. They can be a bit pricey than usual ordinary stethoscopes or interference with other electronic devices can become a problem.

Heavier than the typical tools and more sensitive to carry it around with you every day can become a risk factor.

Keeping in mind both sides of the instrument, its usage, and cons, you are able to get past the confusion of choosing these stethoscopes as your personal favorite or not.

On what principles a digital stethoscope work?

The main purpose of a stethoscope, no matter its type, is to listen to the sounds and vibrations of human body. The process of auscultation can be as simple or complicated depending upon the circumstances and environment where it is carried out.

Leading to the right diagnosis, the correct tool is needed to be used to fulfill the purpose. An acoustic stethoscope may fill the space but sometimes one needs to adjust the sound level or frequency. With the added features a digital or electronic stethoscope is the key.

This type of tool serves you with decent capabilities including sound recording, Bluetooth connectivity, tube free check-up and connecting it to other devices as a display monitor.An improved performance does not hurt anyone and is preferred by many practitioners.

The following principles make a digital stethoscope work wonders in its field:

  • Sound transducer
  • Transmission of data
  • Display diaphragm
  • Power usage

Sound transducer:

The sound a stethoscope transmits is one of the basic elements of a digital stethoscope including the signals and speakers. Sound transducer has a fixed audio signal path where it converts sound into analog voltage.

Being one of the critical processes in the whole anatomy of the tool, this principle enables the accurate diagnostic.

The raw analog voltage is conditioned first and then turned into digital signal which is also known as analog digital converter (ADC). For the stethoscopes which contain active noise cancellation technology, they are equipped with secondary transducer.

A microphone in the absence of secondary transducer is the key to catch the noise and eliminate it when necessary. For this procedure to work in its best form, it is made with dual analog digital converters.

The headphones or amplifying speakers let the signals condition first before putting it out. A single speaker can be found below the tubing and the sound that is amplified from it travels all the way up to the users’ ears.

Transmission of data:

After the captured signals are converted into digital ones they are ready to be send through an audio jack. It can be played onto a computer or another device with the help of digital stethoscope.

This sound which is captured into the body can also be changed with its frequency. A real time clock is added to let the user facilitate with recording the readings and view it in real time.

The sound is also easy to manipulate and adjust according to the users’ needs. Transference of such audio data into the computer or another diagnosis machine is possible with this type of stethoscope.

Display diaphragm:

There is a small display usually upon the diaphragm and some have buttons on it with LEDs to indicate the readings. Backlighting which is often low represents the process and its readings on the display. They are often controlled by two WLEDs or an electroluminescent panel.

Power usage:

Running on batteries, mostly stethoscopes of these types can be used with AAA 1.5V cells. To boost up its performance or different design may require 3.0V to 5.0V depending on the circuitry.

A battery indicator put onto the stethoscope is a good upgrade so that the patient’s checkup is not disturbed or stopped to replace the batteries.

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