Best Stethoscopes For Nursing Students and School 2021 Reviews

Nursing is the main profession in the health field and for nurses, a stethoscope is the main tool through which they can examine the patient but nursing students not get a good quality respiratory therapists stethoscope that’s why we are here with the article on the best stethoscopes for nursing students and school.

Investing in the top quality stethoscope is a need for any nursing student because the good quality stethoscope gives you the excellent sound quality through which any nursing student checks the auscultation and blood pressure of any patient.

But the main question is how to pick the best quality stethoscope brand under your range which worths your money. So after receiving a lot of queries, our researcher writes the buying guide about top stethoscopes which are good for nursing students.

This buying guide save your a lot of efforts and time because we know many of the students have some budget issues and stethoscopes which gives excellent hearing ability comes in high price that’s why in our list we combine the different types of stethoscopes under different ranges so everyone pick easily according to their range.

In this list, these stethoscopes are not only for the nursing students but also good for those who are practicing and in the search for good quality stethoscopes.

List of Top Rated Stethoscopes For Nursing Students in 2021

  1. 3M Littmann 6152 Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope
  2. MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope
  3. 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 27 inch 5803
  4. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope 2450
  5. White Coat Dual Head Stethoscope
  6. ADC – 618SF Adscope Adimals 618 Pediatric Clinician Stethoscope
  7. Primacare DS-9290-BK Adult Size 22 Inch Stethoscope for Diagnostics
  8. pieceDixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope Kit
  9. PARAMED Stethoscope – Classic Single Head Cardiology for Medical

Best Littmann Stethoscope for Nursing Students

1. 3M Littmann 6152 Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

3M Littmann 6152 Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

As everyone knows 3M Littmann is one of the main brands in stethoscopes which offers all types of stethoscopes whether you are in a nursing or doctor profession you can enjoy your job with the help of this handy device.

In the nursing profession, you can almost every time wear the stethoscope which gives you the ease of detecting the issue in the human body and this 3M Littmann cardiology IV stethoscope gives all the facility to nurses which they need during the student life or professional life.

Many of the nurses recommend this model because it comes with no natural rubber latex material which means if you and your patient have sensitive skin then it doesn’t allergic to your skin.

Moreover, this instrument is used on both adult and pediatric patients because it comes with a dual-sided chest piece and you can hear the different frequencies by applying the pressure through the chest piece.

This instrument is not only good for a nursing student but also good for doctors who want some fast decision in some critical stages like ED, Cardiology, or ICU where patients are serious and doctors want to hear all the fast changes in the patient’s body.

If you want to learn deeply that how to use this device effectively then you can learn from 3M Littmann Learning Institute App which is easily available on Google Play Store and it is free so you can improve your auscultation skills and hear the sounds of heart and lungs deeply.


  • Tunable diaphragm
  • 9 different colors
  • No natural rubber latex material
  • Double-sided chest piece
  • Next-generation tubing retains its shape after folding
  • Snap-tight and soft-sealing ear tips
  • The patient feels comfortable with a non-chill rim
  • 7 years warranty

Best Stethoscope for Nursing School

2. MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF Acoustica Stethoscope is one of the good choices for those nursing students who have a low budget but need to practice.

Students are not performing their duties in any critical wards like ICU or cardiac centers that’s why this stethoscope is not good for the use in critical situations but nursing students can use it on daily basis during their practice.

Moreover, it comes in a good length so you can easily check any kind of patient during their practice and it gives you comfort checkup.

The main work of every nurse is to check the blood pressure of the patient so this instrument gives you the ease of hearing the sounds of the heart and lungs.

Tubing is made with dense latex-free PVC material which is allergic free and gives you good sound quality in this small price range.

Students don’t pick the heavy stethoscope that’s why this one is light in weight and flexible so if any student mold this stethoscope after the use and pick in the pocket then it automatically comes in its position back.

For better fitting in ears, it comes in three different sizes of earpieces which are small, regular and large so every age of student can easily use this stethoscope.

So this device is not good in critical situations otherwise it is the best choice among many students because of its small price and you can clean the stethoscopes easily.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • 3 pairs of comfort seal ear tips
  • The dual-headed aluminum chest piece
  • Efficient sound performance

Affordable Stethoscope for Nursing School

3. 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 27 inch 5803

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 27 inch 5803

If you are in a medical profession or student in nursing school then it is impossible you don’t need a stethoscope to diagnose the patients. Every nurse has a stethoscope through which they can hear the internal sounds and give them good treatment.

This model also comes in a 3M Littmann brand which already offers efficient stethoscopes that are used for paramedics and EMT for analyzing the patient carefully and makes some good decisions under critical situations.

It can be used for both pediatrics and adult patients because it comes with tunable diaphragms so both sides of the chest piece are used. The different color collection gives you the choice to pick the favorite one according to your desired.

Moreover, its tubing is not made with rubber latex material that resistance the patient skin oil so any nurse or doctor easily checks the patient and it can’t be harmful to a human’s health.

Whether you are in any critical environment like an ambulance or cardiology, this stethoscope facilitates you in any environment. Its headset is easily adjustable according to your head size and ear tips will easily fit in your ears and give you an excellent acoustic sound.


  • Both for pediatric and adult patients
  • Headset are easily adjustable
  • Used in all critical and non-critical environment
  • Non-rubber latex material is used
  • 27 inches long tubing
  • Diaphragm is easy to clean
  • Variety of colors
  • Monitor the heartbeat and detect all the normal or abnormal souds

Good Stethoscope for Nursing Students

4. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope 2450

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope 2450

Here is my review of the Littmann Lightweight II S.E. 2450 and by the end, you’re gonna know if this beauty is the one you are looking for. So let’s start with the most important thing when it comes to a stethoscope, acoustics. It is made out of plastic and it has a single lumen tube.

Talking about the ear tip comfort, and the Littmann, as always, has got great ear tips. These ear tips are quite large and soft, they fit really well in the ears and they seal out any extra noise that you don’t want. I can say that it is the best ear tips I have tried.

The stethoscope weighs only 118 grams, which makes it the most, lightest stethoscope out there. You can barely feel it sitting around your neck, and it’s a great weight for a stethoscope.

When it comes to the price of this stethoscope, it’s really affordable, and you can buy it for under $50 dollars. Also, the tubing length of this stethoscope is 71 centimeters or 28 inches, which is a nice length, but for my liking, it could be just a touch longer.

The feel of the tubing is quite nice, it is soft and flexible and quite smooth. It’s nice on your skin around your neck, it doesn’t get sticky, like other stethoscopes can get sometimes.

I have also cleansed it several times with alcohol wipes, and it’s still nice and smooth.

The stethoscope design is quite unique. The chest piece has got this teardrop shape to it, which supposedly fits nicely under the blood pressure cuff or around bandages and things like that. It is also turnable which is good, so you can use the diaphragm or the open bell.

The open bell does not convert to a pediatric size, so it does not come with a smaller diaphragm to put on there.

The joints at the y shape is a little bit plasticky, and it comes apart quite, not easily, but if you do put a bit of force on it, it will come off.

There is no spare kit available with this stethoscope, So you don’t get any extra ear tips or diaphragms or a name tag, nothing like that.

I think the Littmann Lightweight is a great nurse entry level stethoscope, or anyone who’s looking for a cheapest stethoscope, but don’t want to compromise on the acoustics. It’s also great for anyone who can’t stand the weight of the stethoscope at the end of the long day.

Recommended Stethoscope for Nurses

5. White Coat Dual Head Stethoscope

Whitecoat stethoscope set with fine acoustics is made for the tough and fast job of nursing the patients. High-quality branding and handmade material used in its making are able to comprehend the fact that it consists of balance and durability.

The dual head feature is able to serve you with the ability to listen to specific sounds from each ear tip.

It means that this stethoscope is equipped with double tubes that are able to convey the different frequencies to each ear tip.

Having tested under ultra-sensitive durability tests has made this product one sturdy partner for medical professionals. The brand gives this baddie a lifetime warranty so that you work with ease for a longer time.

You do not have to buy another pair or set every other month or so because this stethoscope is able to work under the toughest conditions.

Included in the package is its accessory kit and LED pen pupil gauge that helps in checking areas like eyes, throat, and ears, etc. other than that there are replacements like 4 additional ear tips and a single membrane.

Jet black thick walled and single tubing is able to pass the sound waves for enhanced acoustics.

Its diaphragm is made of stainless steel to pick up the slightest of bodily movements which are not being able to picked up by the ordinary stethoscopes.


  • Dual head
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Durable quality
  • The accessory kit, LED pen
  • Lifetime warranty

6. ADC – 618SF Adscope Adimals 618 Pediatric Clinician Stethoscope

The incredible acoustics of 618SF is packed with comfort and robust construction by the team of its manufactures. Including 7 different animal heads to make it look attractive for patients under the age of 7 is not a thoughtful step but also a way to make a scared patient comfortable.

Having a lifetime warranty puts a stamp of approval on its robust construction with double-leaf tensioning spring. Flexible 30 inches of length of tubing are able to work under the toughest conditions which is why it has been a favorite of many users.

Ergonomic headset is able to adjust according to the wear type and soft plus soft silicone ear tips seal the ambient noise out of the ear canal.This is an important feature for the right reading and auscultation process because a noisy environment can become a hindrance.

Offering you with animal heads that can put onto the head of the chest piece is added so that it can cause a psychological affect on young patients.AFD technology enables you to tune your diaphragm with the type of frequency you want to listen.

To higher frequency response, the practitioner is required to put firm pressure on it so that he gets to note the sound waves.The opposite is the case with lower frequency which does not require firm pressure but a gentle one.


  • AFD technology
  • Resin made chest piece
  • Additional adsoft dual ear tips
  • 7 animal face snap-ons
  • Storage pouch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30” length

7- Primacare DS-9290-BK Adult Size 22 Inch Stethoscope for Diagnostics

Primacare DS-9290-BK Adult Size 22 Inch Stethoscope for Diagnostics

Primacare DS-9290-BK grown-up size stethoscopes are made from without latex materials, with an aluminum twofold head and for all habits of clinical experts. It has a movable chromed binaural with PVC ear-tips

This latex free stethoscope guarantees that you get precise data with regards to your patient’s vitals.

The emphatically developed lightweight aluminum chest piece takes into consideration better contact with the patient than give more exact readings and assessments. It is incredible for delicate patients.

Superb stethoscope that makes it ideal for proficient clinical use. Incredible for specialist’s workplaces, trauma centers, ICUs, and SDUs

Accompanies spare pair of mushroom ear-tips, stomach and itemized client manual. Wonderful new year and birthday present for specialists, attendants, nursing understudies, clinical partners, veterinary, and so forth


  • Clinical grade
  • Precise and presise
  • Lightweight material

8- pieceDixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope Kit

pieceDixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope Kit

Two pieces of top-notch clinical gear come packaged together in one helpful bundle. Dixie EMS offers their great aneroid sphygmomanometer grown-up circulatory strain sleeve alongside a Sprague Rappaport stethoscope. Likewise, your request accompanies a total frill pack and a fancy conveying case. 

They are designed to fit grown-up arms somewhere between 10″ and 16″ in the boundary. The PVC expansion sack considers both exact and fast on account of its two sorts of air discharge valves; screw type and push type. So advantageous, it tends to be worked effectively with a solitary finger or thumb.  

 Additionally, the high differentiation dial on the aluminum amalgam manometer permits the utilization to peruse circulatory strain estimations with quality and exactness effectively. The dial includes a strong clasp that joins in dressing or belts when not being used.  

 Designed for patients, all things considered, the Sprague stethoscope is incredible for attendants, specialists, and clinical understudies searching for an excellent stethoscope. The Ear tubes are designed to be adaptable and customizable to guarantee the most agreeable conceivable fit for the client. In addition, the additional earpieces can be traded out to an exceptional fit.  

The helpful conveying case will keep your hardware secure when not being used. In addition, the zippered design is secure and water-safe, permitting you to ship your gear without any problem. 


  •   Latex-free 
  •  Dual head stethoscope 
  • Carrying case included 

9- PARAMED Stethoscope – Classic Single Head Cardiology for Medical

PARAMED Stethoscope - Classic Single Head Cardiology for Medical

Students and medical professionals use this Stethoscope to detect, listen to, and analyze heart, lung, and other bodily sounds for physical evaluation, patient monitoring, diagnosis, and guidance. The acoustic pipe is made of a latex-free, thick material. As a result, its Y-configuration is soundproof and does not break with time.

The paramedic’s single-head Stethoscope picks up both low and high-frequency noises across the complete audible range. With a single-sided chest piece, you can detect both high and low frequencies without having to change positions and risk losing a landmark. In addition, contrasted with a standard ringer, it is simpler to seal to the skin and add a hair coat.

Comfort and an excellent seal in the ear are ensured with a lightweight headset and soft-sealing ear tips. Even after close collapsing in the pocket, the cutting-edge versatile line holds its shape and adaptability. Moreover, we can create a comfortable gap between the doctor and the patient thanks to the pipe’s length (75cm/29.5″).

The stainless-steel head and non-chill rim of the paramedic cardiac stethoscopes are made from royal latex-free materials. It is appropriate for both nursing and medical practice. Inside the carry case are two replacement soft ear tips, a nametag holder, and a diaphragm replacement.


  • Wide range of sounds
  • Comfortable to use
  • High-quality material

Which points consider before buying the best stethoscope for nursing students in 2021?

The medical profession is a tough job where you get to put all the effort and time into serving the people who need them the most. Nursing is one of those fields which is why they need to have the right types of tools that will become a helping hand for them.

There are a lot of options available in the market right now where you get to see different types of stethoscopes for various experts of the field.

The question here arises what makes your choice one of the right ones and become your companion in your daily work. Here are a few guidelines while you choose the right type of tool for you or suggesting it to your nursing students:


The length of the tube is important and can vary from patient to patient. Normally brands provide 22 to 30 inches of length for the tubing. Larger size in it is able to deal with bigger patients like adults whereas the smaller tubing helps in monitor children.

The single lumen or double lumen design also affects the result a medic is going to take out. It can be a personal preference of the user for which one to go for. Double lumen is able to amplify the sound into two different types of qualities.


One of the advanced medical fields has come up with is the AFD technology that makes the diaphragm become tunable. This means that if more pressure is applied to it, the higher frequency you are expected to get, and gentle pressure allows you to catch lower frequencies.

Chestpiece type:

Non chill rim containing chest pieces are good for the patients because they will not disturb the sensitivity of their skin or change with temperature.

In addition to this, animal heads can also be used to decorate the head of them to distract infants and children from the stress or pain during the healing process.

Single headed or double headed chestpieces means that a cup shaped bell is made on the other side of it. This includes the monitoring of children, hearing faint sound or heartbeat of an unborn child as well.

Material used:

Make sure the stethoscope you are going to buy is not made of natural rubber or latex because most people are allergic to it. plus the material needs to be durable enough to work for longer shifts and more time than just merely a few months.

Warranty card:

Nursing requires full-time attention which is why the tools the students of this field are using should have at least 5 years of warranty. Many brands are proudly serving a lifetime warranty building their users’ trust in them.


Silicon ear tips are the best solution in the field as they seal the unnecessary sounds from disturbing the process of auscultation.

The replacements which are provided need to be also of such material which fit in the ears well and do not irritate or damage the inner skin of the ear.

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