How a Chronic Illness Affects Brothers and Sisters, Too

When your child has a chronic or life-threatening illness, much of your attention and care naturally go to that child. It’s likewise normal to stress: “How are my different children getting along?” Child rearing youngsters who are sound is testing enough. A constant or hazardous disease can truly change the dynamic. “Having a relative with … Read more

Chronic disease, more anxiety? Here’s how you can help

Living with a chronic disease like diabetes, asthma or cystic fibrosis can be hard on anyone. It can be especially hard on kids. “Children are staggeringly flexible,” said Dr. Christopher Drescher, a clinical analyst at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. “Many can adjust and flourish and do well even with things like managing constant ailment. In any … Read more

Valuable dating advice for your teenager

Valuable dating advice for your teenager. Dating violence happens—and in teens, it happens more often than you might think. As per, around 1 of every three adolescents in the United States is a survivor of physical, sexual enthusiastic or boisterous attack from somebody they’re dating. Different measurements have discovered that in center school understudies, … Read more

Q & A: Talking to your kids about cancer

A Q&A with Kimberly Allen, MS, CCLS, hematology-oncology youngster life pro at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Q: I’ve quite recently been determined to have malignant growth. Would it be a good idea for me to tell my youngsters? A: Many individuals are uncertain about telling their youngsters they have malignant growth. Yet, solid proof … Read more

Nightmare? Or night terror?

Your child wakes up terrified. Her eyes are open, but she flails and gets more and more upset the longer you try to comfort her. After a few minutes, she calms down, and you’re able to put her down. And the next morning, she’s fine—and doesn’t remember anything when you ask her about it. What … Read more

Not just sad: Children and depression

We talk about adults being depressed—and teens too. But children don’t get depressed. Right? “Actually, I’ve seen depression in children as young as 2,” said Dr. Eric Lewkowiez, a pediatric psychiatrist at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. It’s not something you’d see every day: Depression affects only about 2 percent of children and about 5 … Read more

How to get your kids away from the TV and get them active

When we talk about wanting our kids to be active, what we’re really talking about is this: How can I get my child away from the TV/video game/smartphone? Right? That time stuck to the screen is perhaps the greatest hindrance to kids finding a good pace outside, state specialists. Studies have discovered an immediate connection … Read more