How to Use Raw Propolis

Want to know how to use raw propolis? here is a comprehensive guide on this topic. Have you at any point seen that clingy, dark colored glue everywhere throughout within a colony? That is called propolis, and it’s a higher priority than you might suspect. While propolis has numerous utilizations for honey bees, it is … Read more

Is Intermittent Fasting Safe For My Child?

Is Intermittent Fasting Safe For My Child?

The most popular diet today might be intermittent fasting. Essentially, “you’re going through longer fasting states with the goal of losing weight”. It can take numerous structures, from the 16/8 strategy, where you quick beginning at 8 p.m. around evening time and don’t eat again until early afternoon the following day; the 5:2 eating routine, … Read more

Does My Child Need Vitamins?

Does My Child Need Vitamins?. Every grocery store or drugstore has them: rows and rows of colorful children’s vitamins. But even back in the 1950s, pediatricians were advising, “Don’t get into the ancient tonic habit all over again just because of publicity…” “I’m a significant non-nutrient individual,” said Dr. Kathryn McLeod—in any event in the … Read more

Keto for kids? Experts say not so much

The first thing you might do when you’re on a diet is to get rid of temptation. Usually, that means tossing chips, sugary sweets, sodas and more. But if you’re on diets such as keto, Whole 30, paleo or low-carb, a lot more shouldn’t be in your cabinets. But here’s another wrinkle: What if you … Read more

Is your newborn losing weight? Don’t panic

With a newborn comes many questions and concerns. Are they sleeping too much? How often should bath time happen? Are they eating enough? A common concern among parents is newborn weight gain. Newborns are prone to lose weight in the first week of life and then begin to gain weight, and it’s important to know how much fluctuation is normal and what’s not.

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Bows and buttons

It’s sometimes hard to convince kids (and some adults too) that vegetables are good for them. If they need a little encouragement, try preparing veggies with a fun twist! This light pasta dish has plenty of nutrients with a kid-friendly citrus flavor. Have a go at subbing the entire wheat pasta with kaleidoscopic vegetable pasta and … Read more

Is your baby or toddler eating enough?

Is your baby or toddler eating enough? . Here’s when you want to see that number on the scale go up and up and up: those first few years of your child’s life. Obviously, your youngster ought to develop and be solid all during adolescence—and into adulthood as well. In any case, think about this: … Read more

Should my teen have weight loss surgery?

Should my teen have weight loss surgery?. It’s a question very few parents would have asked even two decades ago. But with one in every six school-age children—those ages 6 to 19—now classified as clinically obese, it’s a question more and more parents are considering: Does my teenager need weight loss surgery? Corpulence in kids … Read more