Teens and Endometriosis: Why Does My Period Hurt So Bad?

Your monthly period hurts. Period. That’s the message teenage girls often hear. “A lot of times, that is a very normal part of those early periods,” said Dr. Erin Latif, an OB/GYN at Augusta University Health. And a lot of times, that’s why teen girls don’t talk about when their periods really, really hurt—when the next month feels … Read more

Newborn Screening: What Is It?

It’s 24 hours after you’ve had your baby. You’re exhausted because you haven’t really slept since before labor started; you’re thrilled at this tiny new person in your arms; you’re a little freaked out that in a few more hours, you’ll be bringing this person home. So it’s no wonder that most new parents don’t … Read more

Do You Know How Heavy Your Child’s Backpack Is?

More than 90% of parents have never picked up their child’s backpack—or checked what was in it. So before you even start reading this, try it. Because you might be surprised at how much your child is hefting around every day. Studies have discovered that numerous children, particularly as they enter later basic or center … Read more

Keep an eye out for holiday hazards

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, but be careful that you don’t prick your finger. It sounds silly, but it can certainly happen. This would be a minor mishap, but there are many serious dangers that could send your child to the emergency room if you don’t keep a close eye out during the holidays.

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From the heart of a neonatal nurse

We encounter our patients in the first moments of life with all of its promise and potential. We sometimes have the heartbreaking privilege of caring for these tiny patients as their life ends. We care for debilitated and basically sick newborn children, and we care for their families. We continually balance significant level specialized abilities … Read more

Child life specialists: Helping kids cope

March is Child Life Month, and that means acknowledging, celebrating and honoring the dedicated efforts of child life specialists. Mandy Lee is a child life specialist in the General Pediatric Inpatient Unit at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. “Kid life experts bolster patients and families in such a large number of various limits,” Lee said. “I use … Read more

Breastfeeding FAQ’s

The Breastfeeding faq’s. As a mother, one of the best things you can do for your baby is to breastfeed, but the reward also comes with its challenges. Our lactation expert, Teresa McCullen, answers the most frequently asked questions about breastfeeding with everything from latch to let-down: When will my milk come in?The extremely slick … Read more