Why Kids Lie

“I didn’t do it,” insists your child, even though you’re pretty sure he or she did.

All kids start knowing how to lie around ages 2 to 3, and even though it might be frustrating, funny, or make you worry, “Lying is developmentally normal,” said Dr. Alex Mabe, a pediatric psychologist at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

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When Grandparents Are the Parents

When Grandparents Are the Parents. In Georgia, more than 115,000 grandparents are the primary caregivers for grandchildren who live with them. And: 36.1% don’t have parents present. 35.4% are older than 60. 57.6% are working. 23.7% are in poverty. 26.5% have a disability. 31.3% aren’t married. They’re classified “multigenerational families,” and they’ve been on a … Read more

How a Chronic Illness Affects Brothers and Sisters, Too

When your child has a chronic or life-threatening illness, much of your attention and care naturally go to that child. It’s likewise normal to stress: “How are my different children getting along?” Child rearing youngsters who are sound is testing enough. A constant or hazardous disease can truly change the dynamic. “Having a relative with … Read more

Do You Know How Heavy Your Child’s Backpack Is?

More than 90% of parents have never picked up their child’s backpack—or checked what was in it. So before you even start reading this, try it. Because you might be surprised at how much your child is hefting around every day. Studies have discovered that numerous children, particularly as they enter later basic or center … Read more

How Child Life Specialists help parents too

At the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, when your youngster is terrified about having medical procedure, is confronting a disease determination or needs to hurry to the crisis room, there’s somebody there who can facilitate those feelings of trepidation. Not just for your child, but for you, too. “It’s called ‘infection hypothesis,’” clarified Kym Allen, administrator … Read more

When your child doesn’t listen, think outside the box

At the point when your youngster doesn’t tune in, break new ground. At the point when you’re a pediatrician, guardians will in general approach you for guidance on heaps of things, not simply medication. Also, what Dr. April Hartman has discovered that guardians most need to think about is discipline. Or on the other hand … Read more

Here’s how to find the right pediatrician for your growing family

Here’s how to find the right pediatrician for your growing family. If you’re a first-time mom, here’s where it starts getting really real: It’s time to choose your baby’s pediatrician. Indeed, there are achievements like inclination your infant move just because or seeing that lovable face on ultrasound, however picking the specialist who will be … Read more

Parents’ top questions about the HPV vaccine

It comes up at your child’s 11-year checkup: “It’s time for your child to get the HPV vaccine.” Sometimes parents say, “Sure.” But more often, it’s silence. Then, “No, I don’t think my son/daughter needs that.” For Dr. Robert Pendergrast, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, that is consistently when the best requests … Read more