How Do I Know if I Need Wide Shoes?

Shoes are doubtlessly the most important part of the outfit as if you wear any uncomfortable shoes you won’t be able to walk, sit or move easily. Uncomfortable shoes not only just make you feel restless but can cause many issues to your foot as ingrown toenails, calluses, and even metatarsalgia, etc.

To keep away from such bad conditions it’s important for you to switch in those shoes which are best for you. In this article, we are going to discuss that how would you know that you need a wide width shoe.

How Do I Know That I Need Wide Angle Shoes?

Like others, you also haven’t given much attention towards your shoe size as according to a research only one-third of the population wears the right size shoes. SURPRISED! Everyone gets surprised over this 2018 research that how is it possible that only a few people wear the right size shoe.

When we go out to buy ourselves some pair of shoes we only focus about the length of the shoes instead of worrying about the width. Having wide feet is quite a common condition, which generally leads people in wearing the wrong shoe size so if you have broad feet or are you wondering how to tell if your feet are broad then this article will help you out.

Now you need to focus on somethings that do you have a temporary broad foot or permanent as some of the swellings can cause temporary broadness in to your feet so when you are measuring your feet make these small steps stuck into your mind.

Measure at Night, as in weight circumstances like when you weigh yourself in the morning and then at night you definitely gain some of the weight at night which can be a pound or so. Similar to that fact when you work the whole day and walk around your feet get little or slightly larger in the evening so wait until night to measure them as let them get to the accurate condition first to get the actual measurement.

Steps to Measure Your Feet

  • Grab your pen and paper along with a measuring tape or stick, try to choose a flattened surface to measure your feet. If you like to wear thick socks tostop getting your feet cold then measure your feet along with wearing those socks on so you didn’t get any wrong measurements.
  • Stand up on the paper, and with a pencil trace your feet or outline your feet around the perimeter of each foot. So, in that case you will be able to record the length and width of your feet.
  • Remember! Measure both feet don’t get along with only one side measurement.
  • From the longest toe of the foot to the heel you will get the length and to get the width measurement calculate with the widest part of your feet.

Once everything is done review your measurements you have taken, now you can check if your width is longer enough than your foot length than you have a wide size foot. Just suppose the width of your feet is 3.75 inches than size 5 will be perfect for your feet.