What to do to prepare your child for their surgery

“Your child needs surgery,” says the doctor.

Every member of the family feels the anxiety attached to those words. You want your child to be well, but “surgery” is an uncomfortable subject. What can family members and caregivers do to help ease some of the anxiety the child feels?

Preparing your child emotionally

In the event that your youngster is more than seven years old you should begin planning for their stay one to about fourteen days before affirmation. Altogether disclose to your kid the requirement for medical procedure or hospitalization. As the date of affirmation draws near, permit and urge your youngster to communicate emotions suitably, and make certain to talk about the kid’s feelings of trepidation. At the point when the opportunity arrives, permit your youngster to help pack his/her own bag.

Urge your kid to make a rundown of inquiries for the medical clinic staff. Young people ought to be given however many decisions as could be allowed in regards to their consideration, and their requirement for security ought to consistently be regarded. You should speak decidedly about setting off to the medical clinic a couple of days preceding confirmation and guarantee your youngster that he/she will have the option to reconnect with companions and exercises when the specialist licenses.

Screen your kid before the strategy

Contact the Pre-operation center at 706-721-5229 if your kid encounters any of the accompanying:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Loose bowels
  • Cold (runny nose, cough)
  • Rash in the diaper area
  • Introduction to an infectious malady.

The staff can let you know whether the medical procedure ought to be rescheduled.

Preparing for the Procedure

It is imperative to ensure all pre-usable washing and dietary guidelines given by the pre-operation center are followed.

You ought to be set up to go through the night with their youngster and to make plans for kin to remain with companions or family members. Be set up to give the patient your full focus

The Day of the Procedure

Report with your youngster to Patient Access on the primary floor of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

Take an interest in the youngster’s consideration during their stay in the Pre-operation and Recovery rooms. Up to two family or companions are permitted to visit these rooms.

Inform the nursing staff as to whether you might want to visit and remain in the working room until your youngster nods off.


The staff at the youngsters’ emergency clinic urge parental figures to voice any worries or to pose any inquiries they may have about their kid’s consideration or treatment whenever.

You can hope to get a subsequent call one to three days after medical procedure. A short time later, CHOG will likewise send an overview via the post office getting some information about your youngster’s understanding.

The staff at CHOG endeavors to foresee the necessities of the patient just as the family. We offer youngster life masters who are exceptionally prepared in kid advancement and are gifted at working with kids and their families.

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