Seizure safety

Epilepsy affects about 1 percent of children in the U.S., commonly recognized for recurrent seizures. For kids, and parents, seizures can be pretty frightening in themselves but they can also be the cause accidental injuries. The following tips can help you identify key areas of the home that cause the most accidental injures in kids with epilepsy.

In the living area:

  • Use cushioning on the sharp corners of tables and ledges.
  • Evade glass espresso or end tables.
  • Spot watches around any chimneys, wood stoves and radiators.
  • Try not to permit smoking in your home.
  • In the event that your home has stairs, put a security entryway at the top. Covering on stairs and at the base is prescribed to decrease wounds during falls and slips coming about because of loss of parity.

In the bedroom:

  • Utilize a low-lying bed if there should be an occurrence of any falls.

In the kitchen:

  • Use the back burners first when cooking.
  • Serve hot fluids like hot cocoa in compartments with covers to stay away from spills and consumes.
  • If you child is old enough to prepare his or her own food, cooking with the microwave is safest when In the event that you kid is mature enough to set up their own nourishment, cooking with the microwave is most secure when solo. .

In the bathroom:

  • Hairdryers and hair curlers ought to be put distant and killed when not in sight.
  • Indeed, even in the most minimal water levels, suffocating is as yet a chance so support showers as opposed to showers. On the off chance that your youngster takes showers, never leave the person in question unattended or ask that the washroom entryway stay opened if there should arise an occurrence of crisis.
  • Use security glass in mirrors and shower entryways.

In the yard:

  • Close and lock entryways that lead to outside regions. Cautions that are activated when entryways are opened are useful. Continuously keep an additional key with a neighbor, relative or companion.
  • When utilizing gear like grass cutters ensure they have a programmed closed off switch and that every sharp edge or edges have security covers.
  • In the event that your home has a pool never leave your kid unaided around it.

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