Difference Between Spectra S1 vs S2 – Which Spectra Breast Pump is Better?

We received many of the queries about feeding moms who don’t know the basic difference between Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps and they are searching online but don’t get the correct answer.

So we give you a proper article which based on how to select the best spectra breast pump between S1 and S2 but before this you must know what is Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps and which features are come with these products.

Many of the working women who have busy routine must want the breast pumps for feeding their child that’s why in our research we interview many of the moms who use these products and what they really think about spectra breast pumps.

What is Spectra S1 breast pump?

Spectra S1 breast pump comes in a brilliant color combination of blue and white which can extract your milk quickly. This great pump has an excellent pumping power and many of the moms have recommended this device.

It comes with a rechargeable battery so if you are going outside for a small trip then this hand-carry device gives you the easy to use after the fully charged. Its nightlight feature gives you the easily pumping facility at any hour.

Many of the moms have timing issues so this device comes with a timer and you can easily check how long you have been pumping and during pumping its backflow protection technology protects the milk from bacteria and other viruses which are not good for your baby.

Moreover, it is a portable device that you can easily move from one place to another in your daily routine and its weight is just 2.9 lbs so you can feed your child anywhere you want with this quiet and smooth pumping machine.

You can be used both or a single pump and it comes with maximum 250mmHg suction strength. You can change its setting by using the touch buttons and it’s all components that touch the milk are BPA free which doesn’t harmful for your baby.


  • Double electric breast pump
  • BPA free material used
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Comes with Timer
  • You can be used in the night as well with the help of nightlight
  • Suction strength of 270mmHg
  • Quiet
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Spectra wide neck bottle
  • 2 Spectra backflow protector
  • 2 Spectra duckbill valve
  • 2 Spectra tubing

What is Spectra S2 breast pump?

If you are worried about your baby because it feels hungry because of your breast milk production then this device is the top-recommended model by many moms.

Spectra S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump is a quiet machine that doesn’t disturb your baby during using and its backflow protection features save your breast milk from a different type of harmful bacterias.

Some moms feel embarrassment when they feeding the breast milk with the loud pump then the quiet motor of the S2 Spectra model is best for this purpose and it comes with a night light so whenever you want to feed at night you can easily feed with the help of this light.

It also has a massage mode which is good for starting the flow of milk. Before breastfeeding, many moms massage their breasts manually but with the help of the Spectra S2 machine, you can massage your breasts and sit relax.

All the parts which contain breast milk are BPA and DEHP free and its suction power is 270 mmHg which flows natural milk and feeds your baby.


  • Backflow Protector is good for protection from different bacterias.
  • Suction strength is 270 mmHg
  • Both single or double pumping facility
  • Quiet Pump
  • PCD Display
  • Auto-timer
  • Night Light facility
  • BPA and DEHP free parts
  • 2 Spectra Tubing
  • 2 Spectra Duckbill Valves
  • S Wide Neck Bottles

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Difference between Spectra S1 and S2 Breast Pumps

As we described earlier both the reviews of Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps and many of the functionalities are the same but there are some differences between Spectra S1 vs S2.


The first and the main difference between both models is a built-in battery which comes in the S1 model while S2 doesn’t have any battery capability. So the S1 model is more portable than S2 Spectra breast pumps and you don’t want power outlet so you can pump everywhere you need. The battery runs for almost 3 hours so you need to charge one time a day.


As you know S1 model has an addition of battery so it is a bit high in weight than S2 model but it can easily portable. S1 is 1.1 kg while S2 is 900 gr so choose according to your need.


The price of Spectra S1 is slightly higher than S2 model due to its more portability option. So if you have a price issue than you can easily go with Spectra S2.


Spectra S1 comes in blue color while color of S2 is pink so of you are a color lover then go with your favorite color.

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