Summer camps for our kids

Summer camps for our kids. When a child receives a diagnosis for a life altering disease, their days of fun in the sun become limited and are soon replaced with frequent hospital visits and labs. This transition can be difficult for any child to navigate, especially in the summer months when other kids are off enjoying the great outdoors.

Here at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, we offer an assortment of day camps to furnish our patients with an exceptional summer involvement with fun, safe, and strong conditions, with the assistance of our devoted group of youngster life authorities.

We asked Kimberly Allen, MS, CCLS, hematology oncology kid life master at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, to respond to some often posed inquiries about our day camp projects.

Q. What number of camps are there, and what are their specializations?

A. Camp Rainbow was our first camp that began in 1985. Youngsters with malignant growth and their kin invest energy with different children experiencing comparable circumstances.

Camp Joint Venture is for kids determined to have Rheumatic illness.

Camp Strong Heart is for kids who have been determined to have cardiovascular related findings.

Camp Sweet Life is for kids who have been determined to have Type 1 Diabetes or insulin subordinate Diabetes.

Q. What ages can take an interest and to what extent do they run?

A. At Camp Rainbow kids go through six days simply being a child.

Camp Joint Venture is a four-day medium-term day camp for kids between 6-18 years of age.

Camp Strong Heart is a two-day medium-term day camp for kids between 4-17 years of age.

Camp Sweet Life is a medium-term day camp for kids between 7-16 years of age.

Each camp has various necessities, so make certain to inquire as to whether camp is directly for your youngster.

Q. What sort of actives will the campers take an interest in?

A. Campers partake in an assortment of outdoors exercises which incorporate, yet are not constrained to, horseback riding, divider climbing, drumming, expressions and specialties, earthenware production, ball, golf, tennis, bicycle riding, angling, paddling/kayaking, toxophilism, cultivating and swimming.

Q. Are there any expenses for these projects?

A. All camps are free.

To balance the costs, we offer grants for families who can’t bear the cost of it.

Q. How might I bolster these camps?

A. Every camp instructor are volunteers and our camps depend on gifts to keep the projects running. In the event that you might want to make a gift to our camp projects,

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